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Computer Awareness Quiz for IBPS Clerk & PO set 9

1. The very small and cheap computer built into many home devices is called computer.

(a) Main frame

(b) Mini

(c) Micro

(d) Super

(e) None of these

Ans: (c)

2. In comparison to the internal (main) memory, tape or disk memory is

(a) Slower and more expensive

(b) Slower and less expensive

(c) Faster and more expensive

(d) Faster and less expensive

(e) None of these

Ans: (b)

3. What is the main advantage of magnetic core memory over semiconductor RAM memory?

(a) More compact and smaller

(b) More economical

(c) A bit does not have to write after reading

(d) Non-volatile

(e) None of these

Ans: (d)

4. Which of the following memories contains a thin film of magnetic material sandwiched between

Two permanent bias magnets?

(a) ROM

(b) Magnetic disk

(c) Core memory

(d) Bubble memory

(e) None of these

Ans: (c)

5. The minimum time delay required between the initiations of two successive memory operations

Is known as

(a) Memory cycle time

(b) Memory access time

(c) Transmission time

(d) Waiting time

(e) None of these

Ans: (a)

6. Which printer is very commonly used for desk-top publishing?

(a) Laser printer

(b) Inkjet Printer

(c) Daisywheel Printer

(d) Dot-matrix Printer

(e) None of these

Ans: (a)

7. Which of the following is classified as an impact printer?

(a) Jet Printer

(b) Daisywheel Printer

(c) Thermal Printer

(d) Laser Printer

(e) None of these

Ans: (b)

8. What is the general name of the device which produces hardcopy graphics?

(a) COM

(b) Plotter

(c) Printer

(d) Microfilm

(e) None of these

Ans: (b)

9. Education combined with entertainment is called…………

(a) Simulation

(b) CAI

(c) Edutainment

(d) Synchronization

(e) None of these

Ans: (c)

10. Which of the following transport layer protocols is used to support electronic mail?

(a) SMTP

(b) IP

(c) TCP

(d) UDP

(e) None of these

Ans: (c)

11. Which of the following is considered a broad band communication channel?

(a) Coaxial cable

(b) Fiber optics cable

(c) Microwave circuits

(d) All of these

(e) None of these

Ans: (d)

12. In a synchronous modem, the digital-to-analog converter transmits signal to the

(a) Equalizer

(b) Modulator

(c) Demodulator

(d) Terminal

(e) None of these

Ans: (a)

13. The loss in signal power as light travels down the fiber is called

(a) Attenuation

(b) Prorogation

(c) Scattering

(d) Interruption

(e) None of these

Ans: (a)

14. Number of bits per symbol used in Baudot code is

(a) 7

(b) 5

(c) 8

(d) 9

(e) None of these

Ans: (b)

15. To get the ‘Symbol’ dialog box, click on the ………… menu and choose ‘Symbol’.

(a) Insert

(b) Format

(c) Tools

(d) Table

(e) None of these

Ans: (a)

16. What is the short cut key to open Font dialog box?

(a) Ctrl + F

(b) Alt + Ctrl + F

(c) Ctrl + D

(d) Ctrl + Shift + D

(e) None of these

Ans: (c)

17. Which of the following line spacing is invalid?

(a) Single

(b) Double

(c) Triple

(d) Multiple

(e) None of these

Ans: (c)

18. Which of the following option in File pull down menu is used to close a MS Word document?

(a) Quit

(b) Close

(c) Exit

(d) New

(e) None of these

Ans: (b)

19. CLASS is the acronym for

(a) Computer, Language and School Studies

(b) Computer, Literacy and Studies in Schools

(c) Computer, Language and Secondary Schools

(d) Computer, Learning and School Studies

(e) None of these

Ans: (b)

20. SITE stands for

(a) Satellite Instructional Technology and Engineering

(b) State Institute of Teacher Education

(c) Satellite Instructional Television Experiment

(d) State Institute of Technology and Engineering

(e) None of these

Ans: (c)

21. Cloud computing means

(a) Computing using the satellite

(b) Computing using cloud chamber technology

(c) Computing which results in errors

(d) Shifting computing power from offline PCs and Laptops onto the Web

(e) None of these

Ans: (d)

22. In half-duplex data transmission

(a) Data can be transmitted in one direction only

(b) Data can be transmitted in both directions

(c) Data can be transmitted in both directions simultaneously

(d) Data cannot be transmitted

(e) None of these

Ans: (b)

23. As compared to a magnetic tape, the main advantage of magnetic disk is its

(a) Rigidity

(b) Direct access

(c) low cost

(d) High packing density

(e) None of these

Ans: (b)

24. What is the size of the optical compact disk which is used for recording high quality music?

(a) 4. 7 inch

(b) 3. 5 inch

(c) 5. 5 inch

(d) 8. 7 inch

(e) None of these

Ans: (a)

25. The category of operating system that you most likely have running on your PDA computer is a

……….operating system

(a) Real-time

(b) single-user, single-task

(c) single-user, multi-task

(d) Multi-user, multi-task

(e) None of these

Ans: (b)

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