Monday, 7 September 2015

General Awareness Questions asked in IBPS RRB 06 September 2015

Dear Readers ! find Some memory based General Awareness Questions Which Asked 06 September 2015 Online Exam (Morning & Evening shift )

Capital of Seychelles

Minister of steel?

Ringgit is currency of?

PMSBY amount for physically handicapped?

Ngultrum currency of ?

Scheme launched by pm on 14 oct 2014?

International Girl Child Day?

On d recommendation of which committee KVY was closed in 2011?

Mauritus president ..

India banned poultry products from Which Country?

Deepa karmarkar related to which sports?

Michael Clark player of which country?

Deposit Mode in PMSBY?

Book not written by APJ Abdul Kalam?

Where is Nanda Devi hill?

Virappa Moily book Ramayna is in which language?

IRDA Headoffice Location?

Sunil Chettri Related to Which State?

Pradham Mantri Awas yojna – How much fund is allocated?

Pradhan Mantri Recently Allocated Rs 20000 to which Scheme?

International Atomic energy Headquarter?

Canada Highest Civilian award?

Input device – printer?

Memory – RAM

Maharashtra CM?

Orange festival celebrated in which country?

Peru capital?

Maharashtra Mumbai – Nagpur highway fund?

Indira Gandhi stadium location?

Shishu tarun kishor related to which scheme?

In AMRUT, R denote?

President launched nakshatra vatika in which city?

Mithali raj related to which sport?

Czech republic currency?

UC browser ambassador – Yuuraj singh

IBPS RRB 2015 General Awareness 06 September 2015

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