Tuesday, 4 August 2015

General & Banking Awareness Quiz 2 for IBPS RRB

1. The rate of interest banks charge to its customers on credit facilities is linked to which benchmark rate?
(a) Risk premium rate
(b) Base rate lending
(c) Benchmark prime lending rate
(d) Reverse repo rate


2.  Basel Committee on Banking Supervision is associated with which of the following?
(a) Banking Regulation Committee
(b) Bretton Woods Institution
(c) Bank for International Supervision
(d) Federal Reserve


3. A demand draft issued by one bank branch on another branch is legally—
(a) Cheque
(b) Promissory note
(c) Delivery order
(d) Supply bill


4. Know Your Customer KYC norms are required to be strictly followed by banks. It means—
(A) Providing improved customer services
(B) Determining the identity and residence proof of account holders through approved documents
(C) Ensuring that staff members know the customers
(D) Organizing regular customer service meetings


5. Out of the four entities mentioned below which is not a credit rating agency?


6.Which is the first microfinance company in India to approach the capital market?
(A) SKS Microfinance
(B) Spandana
(C) Grameen Koota
(D) Bandhan


7.Which rate is not by RBI ?
(A) Repo Rate
(B) Reverse Repo Rate
(C) Interest Rate
(D) Bank Rate


8.NPAs  stands for—
(A) Net Present Value
(B) Non Preforming Assets
(C) Net Pure Assets
(D) Net Permanent Assets


9.India Millennium Deposit (IMD) scheme was launched by the—


10. The rate of interest payable on a bank deposit is determined by—
(A) Indian Banks’ Association
(B) The bank concerned
(D) Finance ministry


Answers :

1-B , 2-C , 3-B , 4-B, 5–C, 6-A , 7-C , 8-B  , 9-A, 10- B 

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