Wednesday, 8 July 2015

IBPS PO English Quiz practice

Directions (Q. 1-6) : Complete the statements

1. Fingerprints proved that the suspect

[A] may have been at the scene of crime

[B] was at the scene of crime

[C] was not telling the lie

[D] might not have at the scene of crime

[E] None of these

ANS. [B]


2. Her father was a renowned historian and her mother wrote

[A] the stories of the children

[B] child stories

[C] stories for child

[D] stories for children

[E] None of these

ANS. [D]


3. As the fog became dense

[A] the vision became difficult

[B] mist shrouded

[C] visibility became poor

[D] sight was affected

[E] None of these

ANS. [C]


4. America was discovered and inhabited thousands of

years before

[A] the Europeans arrived

[B] the European had arrived

[C] Europeans arrived

[D] European invasion

[E] None of these

ANS. [A]


5. of solar energy is an ancient meth dory.

[A] drying food out

[B] drying food by means

[C] drying foods with means

[D] drying food as means

[E] None of these

ANS. [B]


6. The satellite exploded before it

[A] arose

[B] had arisen

[C] had risen

[D] got up

[E] had left

ANS. [A]


Direction (Q. 7-9): Which of the following is most nearly the SAME in meaning as the word printed in bold as? used in the passage?

7. Fuel


[B] Force

[C] Empower

[D] Flourish

[E] Drive

ANS. [C]


8. Drop-out

[A] Leave

[B] Go away

[C] Discourage

[D] Go down

[E] Discontinue

ANS. [E]


9. Revamping

[A] Restructuring

[B] Changing totally

[C] Revising

[D] Renewing

[E] Redesigning

ANS. [B]


Directions (Q. 10-12 : Which of the following is most OPPOSITE in meaning of the word printed in bold as used

in the passage?

10. Pushing forward

[A]Going away

[B] Going ahead

[C] Going back

[D] Drawing back

[E] None of these

ANS. [D]


11. Motívation

[A] Discouragement

[B] Induction

[C] Derailment

[D] Guidance

[E] Demotion

ANS. [A]


12 Equity


[B] Shares

[C] Difference

[D] Similarity

[E] None of these

ANS. [C]

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