Sunday, 5 July 2015

IBPS PO English Quiz 2 practice

Directions (1 – 10) : Which of the phrases [A] , [B] , [C] and [D] given below should replace the phrase given in bold in the following sentence to

make the sentence grammatically correct. If the sentence is correct as it is and 'No correction is required', mark [E] as the answer.

1. Over-exploitation of ground water has lead to levels falling drastically and cause draughts.

[A] has been led to levels falling drastically

[B] was leading levels to be fallen drastically

[C] has led to levels falling drastically

[D] was being led to levels fell drastically

[E] No correction required

ANS. [C]


2. If you should need my help, please feel free to tell me.

[A] If you are in need for

[B] If you would need

[C] Should you need

[D] In case you felt need

[E] No correction required

ANS. [A]


3. Global recession forces us to think that public and government should not stop to spending money on buying houses, cars and other consumables.

[A] should not stop spending

[B] shall not be stopped to spend

[C] will not stop to spend

[D] should not be stopping to spend

[E] No correction required

ANS. [A]


4. The boycott by labor unions on attending to work have been lifted temporarily.

[A] have been temporarily lifted

[B] have been lifting temporarily

[C] had been lifting temporary

[D] has been lifted temporarily

[E] No correction required

ANS. [D]


5. One of the terrorists arrested have opened admittance that he had resorted to firing.

[A] have open admittance

[B] has openly admitted

[C] has opened admittance

[D] have been open admittances

[E] No correction required

ANS. [B]


6. I.T. experts may have to stop hunting for better job opportunities as these are not so easily available now.

[A] might have to stop hunting

[B] should have to stop hunt

[C] may be stopping the hunting

[D] must have been hunting

[E] No correction required

ANS. [E]


7. In recent held cricket matches, most of the players scored more than 50 runs.

[A] recent holding

[B] recently held

[C] recently hold

[D] recent holdings of

[E] No correction required

ANS. [B]


8. A committee comprising imminent members from various technical institutions was set up.

[A] compromising with eminent

[B] comprised imminent

[C] comprising eminent

[D] comprising of imminent

[E] No correction required

ANS. [C]


9. The yoga session is most likelihood to start at 6.00 a.m.

[A] be most likely started by

[B] is mostly liked to start at

[C] is mostly like to starting at

[D] is most likely to start at

[E] No correction required

ANS. [D]


10. He went to the blast location to save his colleague who was stranded there.

[A] blasting location to save

[B] blast location for saving

[C] blast location for safety

[D] blast location so that to save

[E] No correction required

ANS. [E]

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