Sunday, 5 July 2015

IBPS PO English Quiz 1 practice

Directions (1-3) : Choose the word which is most nearly the SAME in meaning as the word given in bold as used in the passage.


[A] comfortable

[B] existing

[C] worrying

[D] baffling

[E] scorching

ANS. [E]


2. WOES .

[A] oaths

[B] flamboyancies

[C] miseries

[D] shambles

[E] feasibilities

ANS. [C]



[A] up-beat

[B] re-invent

[C] escalate

[D] slow-down

[E] de-activate

ANS. [D]


Directions (4-6): Choose the word/group of words which is most OPPOSITE in meaning to the word given in bold as used in the passage.


[A] conceal

[B] display

[C] explore

[D] deplore

[E] reveal

ANS. [A]



[A] terrible

[B] wonderful

[C] unpleasant

[D] healthy

[E] inextinguishable

ANS. [B]



[A] earth-shattering

[B] significant

[C] unsynchronizable

[D] inevitable

[E] trivial

ANS. [E]


Directions (7-11) : In each sentence below one word has been printed in bold. Below the sentence, five words are suggested; one of which

can replace the word printed in bold, without changing the meaning of the sentence. Find out the appropriate word in each case.

7. The group of people burnt the effigy of the lawyer as a mark of their irritation.

[A] briefcase

[B] files

[C] dummy

[D] copy

[E] dress

ANS. [C]


8. Despite the unpleasant incidence, the manager didn't nurture any animosity.

[A] instinct

[B] hatred

[C] goodwill

[D] ambiguity

[E] prejudice

ANS. [B]


9. Equal pay for substantially equal work' is the situation even in public sector banks these days.

[A] equitably

[B] similarly

[C] measurably

[D] exactly

[E] considerably

ANS. [A]


10. We don't mind performing any job however tedious it may be.


[B] abominable

[C] exhaustive

[D] boring

[E] exciting

ANS. [D]


11. He appeared so naturally effervescent that everybody stood up and greeted him.

[A] exuberant

[B] expressionless

[C] composed

[D] emotional

[E] indisposed

ANS. [A]


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