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English Quiz for IBPS RRB

Directions (Q. 1-6) : In the following questions, a sentence has been given with some of its part bold. To make the sentence correct, you have to replace the bold part with the correct alternative given below. If the sentence is correct

as it is, please give [E] as your answer, ie No correction required.

1. Let us go to see his new flat; should we?

[A] shall we?

[B] will we?

[C] Do we?

[D] May we?

[E] None of these

ANS. [E]


2. Streets are inundated; it must have rained cats and dogs.

[A] must had

[B] may have

[C] might have been

[D] must have been

[E] No correction required

ANS. [E]


3. If one works hard, he will get the reward.

[A] he may get

[B] one got

[C] one has got

[D] one will get

[E] No correction required

ANS. [D]


4. Though dishonesty is rampant almost everywhere, but honesty is the best policy.

[A] all places but

[B] each where but

[C] whereever, and

[D] everywhere, yet

[E] No correction required

ANS. [D]


5. He never did smoke, nor I did.

[A] nor do I

[B] nor did I

[C] never I did

[D] not did I

[E] No correction required

ANS. [B]


6. It is not obligation of the editor to agree with the author's views.

[A] obliging of

[B] obligatory for

[C] obligate to

[D] obligating

[E] No correction required

ANS. [B]


Directions (Q. 7-12) : Complete the statements

7. Fingerprints proved that the suspect

[A] may have been at the scene of crime

[B] was at the scene of crime

[C] was not telling the lie

[D] might not have at the scene of crime

[E] None of these

ANS. [B]


8. Her father was a renowned historian and her mother wrote

[A] the stories of the children

[B] child stories

[C] stories for child

[D] stories for children

[E] None of these

ANS. [D]


9. As the fog became dense

[A] the vision became difficult

[B] mist shrouded

[C] visibility became poor

[D] sight was affected

[E] None of these

ANS. [C]


10. America was discovered and inhabited thousands of years before

[A] the Europeans arrived

[B] the European had arrived

[C] Europeans arrived

[D] European invasion

[E] None of these

ANS. [A]


11. of solar energy is an ancient meth dory.

[A] drying food out

[B] drying food by means

[C] drying foods with means

[D] drying food as means

[E] None of these

ANS. [B]


12. The satellite exploded before it

[A] arose

[B] had arisen

[C] had risen

[D] got up

[E] had left

ANS. [A]


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