Tuesday, 7 July 2015

English Quiz 4 for IBPS

Directions (Q. 1-10): Fill up the blanks with a suitable pair of words from the options given below to make a meaningful sentence.

1. Hearing the news he felt because his hard work had not borne fruit.

[A]After, embellished

[B] At, crestfallen

[C] On, dejected

[D] While, elated

[E] At, forlorn

ANS. [C]


2. He did but .

[A] nothing, complained

[B] all, this

[C] everything, passed

[D] nothing, grudge

[E] None of these

ANS. [E]


3. Please the grease the floor.

[A]wipe, in

[B] scour, off

[C] take, from

[D] remove, at

[E] None of these

ANS. [B]


4. He is so that everyone gives him a berth at the parties.

[A] insolent, side

[B] rough, escape

[C] boring, wide

[D] rude, remote

[E] None of these

ANS. [C]


5. The cashier along with his has been indicted in a case of .

[A] colleague, peculation

[B] subordinate, fraudulent

[C] accomplice, hoax

[D] associate, embezzle

[E] None of these

ANS. [A]


6. He committed out of his hatred for his

[A] fratricide, brother

[B] homicide, sister

[C] matricide, wife

[D] suicide, agonise

[E] None of these

ANS. [A]


7. Appropriate dosage of correct will the pain.

[A] medicine, elude

[B] drug, ameliorate

[C] medicine, alleviate

[D] recommend, lessen

[E] None of these

ANS. [C]


8. The rebels returned home a general .

[A] after, opinion

[B] on, agreement

[C] with, compromise

[D] under, amnesty

[E] None of these

ANS. [D]


9. I attach credence to she has to say about you.

[A] no, when

[B] hard, words

[C] little, what

[D] few, which

[E] None of these

ANS. [C]


10). He immediately felt the of his new .

[A] glow, glaze

[B] spirit, company

[C] glitter, feelings

[D] warmth, surroundings

[E] None of these

ANS. [D]


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