Monday, 1 June 2015

Current Affairs Quiz: May 22nd 2015

1. BSE has dropped which company from Sensex recently?
a) Tata Power
b) Lupin
c) Tata Motors
d) Amtek Auto

2. Which among the following company will join RE100 global RENEWABLE ENERGY campaign?
a) Infosys
b) TCS
c) Wipro
d) Cognizant

3. Who among the following has recently resigned to make way for Jayalalithaa to take over as Tamil Nadu chief minister?
a) Knimojhi Ramesh
b) A Raja
c) O Panneerselvam
d) M Karunanidhi

4. Which bank has tied up with MasterCard to launch three cards and also two new banking solutions for card holders?
a) SBI
b) PNB
c) Bank of India
d) Bank of Baroda

5. Who among the following has been nominated by President Barack Obama to the National Council on the Humanities?
a) Akhil Kumar
b) Akhil Amar
c) Akhil Abhay
d) Akhil Ajay

6. Finance Ministry has sanctioned Rs....................crore fuel subsidy for IOC and BPCL.
a) 2,223
b) 3,223
c) 4,223
d) 5,223

7. An IAF's Mirage............ jet landed on the Yamuna expressway in runway trial.
a) 1000
b) 2000
c) 3000
d) 4000

8. Which state government will sign pact with ZTEsoft for smartcity projects?
a) Delhi
b) Maharshtra
c) Gujarat
d) West Bengal

9. IRCTC has partnered provide deals and offers to customers.
a) mylala
b) mywala
c) mygala
d) mydala

10. Jayalalithaa has been sworn in as Tamil Nadu Chief Minister for................time.
a) Third
b) Fourth
c) Fifth
d) Sixth

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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