Saturday, 4 April 2015

Success Story Pratiksha IBPS Clerk - United Bank of India

Hi guys, I'm Pratiksha and I would like to share my story with you.
I first appeared for IBPS PO in 2014 with zero preparation and as expected, I missed the cut off by 1 mark. Somewhere around that time, I took admission in a coaching institute but keeping with my old habit, I started bunking a lot of classes. Moreover, my clerical exam was on the 6th of December and my only brother was getting married on the 12th, so naturally, I was busy in the marriage preparations and I didn't study one bit. But I still managed to clear it. How you ask?
I'm very poor in Quants but good in English and Computer and fairly average in Reasoning and G.A. So my strategy was to somehow clear the cut off in Quants by answering about 14/15 D.I questions as I knew nothing about mathematical formulae and short cuts. However, I made up for it in English.
My point is not that you shouldn't study hard. By all means, work hard but also, work smart. Do a SWOT analysis and play on your strengths.
After I cleared the CWE comfortably, the interview was a breeze. I was asked questions on RRBs, Micro finance, financial inclusion etc. The key is to stay calm before the interviewers and maintain eye contact. Relax, they are just people like you.
Best of luck to all future candidates!

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