Friday, 3 April 2015

Success story Nilesh Ranjan Rout- IBPS Clerk –Syndicate Bank

Friends , This is Nilesh Ranjan Rout , Coming to My View and Experience. I have been trying IBPS clerk since 2012 first Ibps I got 126 in written cut off 120 2013 I got 120 cut off 105 Interview mark was 65 but one of my friends got 92 in interview his written Mark was 110 he cleared out. But I failed...
This time I decided I have to score that, If anything in interview would happen it wouldn't matter to me.
As usual This previous thing is being happened to me. I answered all of the question like... What is t.a.d, outstanding, l.p.c, m.a.d, billing, differentiation of cards etc .after 20 minutes at the end of interview, I was going out from the room , the person of the IBPS was fully satisfied. He was about to give me the score, at the time the general manager of the reputed bank where interview was held, told him not to give me so much mark. Because, I told him that there 3 types of cards.and he said 2. Then he was angry but later appreciated. Debit card, credit card and prepaid card. At Interview I got only 64 as previous year.
But I had 154 in written...So I got Syndicate bank. Continues on Hard work will Make Success for everyone
Thank you for giving me the chance to share this.

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