Saturday, 4 April 2015

Success Story deepak kumar singh IBPS PO -BANK OF INDIA

Hello all,
I am deepak kumar singh, ECE engineer. I did my B.Tech in 2013 and since then I was preparing for the bank and other one day exams.
This was my second attempt and to be honest I had not given much attention in 1st attempt as I was not serious about IBPS. Later I gave SBI PO but couldn't clear only by 4 marks. But I was not hopeless as I always believed in continuous endeavours. IBPS given me a second chance but I couldn't prepare well because of some circumstances. But I did better in exam than expected and scored 98.
My interview was scheduled on 28th January. I prepared well for interview but due to a very unfortunate incident in which I lost my brother in an accident on 21st January, I was completely broken.
But somehow I prepared myself for interview. One day before the interview I collected all my documents ( in this process I had to go to university too) and next day I was present at the venue at sharp 8:30 (reporting time).
There were 6 people in the panel with 1 lady and 5 gentlemen in their 50s.
They asked me some questions related to engineering and current affairs and asked me to leave for the day. Overall a nice interview with very supportive panel.
Results disclosed and I was selected for BANK OF INDIA PO. Very happy moment as success is never small.
Congratulations to who got selected and best of luck for 2015 aspirants.


deepak kumar singh

Roll Number :3071343870

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