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SBI Associate clerk Computer Knowledge Practice Set- 1

Computer Knowledge Questions for SBI Associate clerk Online Quiz . Take Practice  Now


1.  GUI stands for?
  (a)  Geographical User Interface 
  (b)  Geological User Interface 
  (c)  Graphical User Interface
  (d)  None of these


2.  Small pictures appearing on Desktop are called as____?
  (a)  Photos   (b)  Icons 
  (c)  Pictures   (d)  e‐cons


3.  Start button on the desktop is placed on _______ bar     (a)  Task   (b)  Scroll 
(c)   Menu   (d)   None of these


4.    Right click of mouse is used to get_______
  a)  Open the icon   b)  shortcut menu options 
  c)  Close the icon   d)  None of the above


5.  To insert a letter or text by replacing existing one we have to use _____ button from keyboard.
  (a)  Delete 
  (b)  Insert 
  (c)  Ctrl+Delete 
  (d)  Ctrl+Insert


6.  Initial procedure when computer starts is known as?  
  (a)  Booting 
  (b)  Starting 
  (c)  Tasking 
  (d)  Programming


7.  Operating system is a _____?
  (a)  Application software  (b)  Computer Language
  (c)  Application hardware   (d)  System Software


8.   Running computer without operating system is______ 
  (a)  Impossible  (b)  Sometime possible
  (c)  Possible  (d)  None of the above


9.  To go to the beginning of the document ______ command can be used: 
  (a)  Ctrl+Home   
  (b)  Alt+Home
  (c)   Ctrl+End     (d)   Ctrl+Delete


10.  To go to the end of the document ______ command can be used: 
  (a)  Ctrl+Home   
  (b)  Alt+Home
  (c)   Ctrl+End   (d)  Ctrl+Delete 


11.   To get all capital letters while typing we have to ________.
  a)  Keep Ctrl button pressed  b)  keep caps lock on
  c)  Keep caps lock off  d)  None of the above    

12.  Typed matter/document is to be saved in_____.
  (a)  Folder   (b)  File
  (c)  Hard disk   (d)   CD‐ ROM


13.    Folder may contain: 
  (a)  Files and sub folders
  (b)  Only files. 
  (c)  Only sub folders.   
  (d)   None of the above.


14.   To copy selected matter from one place to another _____ key option may be used 
  a)  Ctrl+S     b)  Ctrl+P
  c)  Ctrl+V     d)  Ctrl+C


15.  To paste copied matter from one place to another _____ key option may be used 
  (a)  Ctrl+S  (b)  Ctrl+P
  (c)  Ctrl+V  (d)  Ctrl+X


16.  In "MS Word" MS stands for
  (a)  Master Server  (b)  Micro Service
  (c)  Microsoft  (d)  Mega Series


17.  _______ stores the text, picture, graphics for temporarily
  (a)  Hard disk  (b)  CD 
  (c)  Clipboard  (d)  Pen drive


18.   Which of the following is not operating system 
  a)   Windows 95  b)   Windows 98
  c)  Windows 96  d)  Windows 2000


19.  _______ plays as interface between user and computer hardware 
  (a)  Mouse  (b)  Keyboard 
  (c)  Operating System   (d)  Internet


20.   Which of the following is not a computer language
  a)  C++   b)  Lotus 123
  c)  Oracle   d)  Microsoft


21.  Double click of mouse is used to___
  (a)  Close file/folder 
  (b)  Open file/folder 
  (c)  Remove file/folder 
  (d)  Delete file/folder


22.  Back space key on the keyboard is used for____ 
  (a)  Deleting text towards right side of curser 
  (b)  Deleting text towards left side of curser
  (c)  Inserting text towards right side of curser
  (d)  Inserting text towards left side of curser


23.  Task bar can be placed at_____ : 
(a)  Bottom of the screen only  

(b)  Right side of the screen only 
(c)  Any side of screen  

(d)  Bottom and Top side of screen only


24.  Last 15 documents opened can be viewed with the ____ option of start button
  (a)  Programmes
  (b)  Documents 
  (c)   Setting
  (d)  Search


25.  Recently used menus will appear on ________ as shortcut keys :
  (a)  Task Bar 
  (b)  Menu Bar 
  (c)  Standard tool bar 
  (d)  None of the above


26.  While typing right hand side number keys of the key board can be used provided______ :
  (a)  Num Lock button is on

  b)  Caps Lock button is on  
  (c)  Num Lock button is off 
  (d)  None of the above


27.    To find saved file from the computer we may use ______ option from start button 
  (a)  Document     (b)  Help and Support
  (c)  Search   
  (d)  Run


28.   When any file or folder is deleted, it will be parked in ______ of the computer
  a)  Memory Bin  b)  Recycle Bin
  c)  My computer  d)   None of the above


29.    The activity of inter‐linking of different networks is known as ______?
  (a)  LAN   (b)   Internet 
  (c)  Homepage   (d)  None of the above   

30.  Background screen of window is called as_____.
  (a)  Desktop. 
  (b)  Windows environment
  (c)  Windows application.
  (d)  None of these.


Answers :


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20


21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

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