Monday, 10 November 2014

SBI ASSOCIATE PO (9 Nov 2014) both shift Review & Asked Questions

How Was Your Exam of Today (09-11-2014)  SBI Associate PO exam.. share Your experience


Some Asked General Awareness Questions : (Web various Source )

Who won the Nobel piece awrd 2014? Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzay
• Who belongs to tennis? options were - djokovic, federer, messi
• When is world rabies day? 28th setember
• Interest on savings account is calculated on which basis? daily basis
• In which of the following places there is no nuclear plant? - kenya
• Mutual funds regulated by ? - Securities and Exchange Board of India
• What is ping in computer networking utility? - Packet InterNet Groper
• Processor speed measure in Instructions per second
• Using two different brand names for a propose of single product is called? Co-branding
• One question on repo rate
• What does B stands for in ECB ? - Borrowings
• What is the full form of RRB ? - Regional rural Bank
• What is the upper limit of PPF ? - 1.5 lakh
• What is the oldest currency in the world? - Pound sterling
• Which among the following is not an output device ? - Scanner
• Who is the author of the book Final Test: Exit Sachin Tendulkar ? - Dilip D' Souza
• What will Inflation result in ? - Decrease in economic activities of a country
• Which among the following is a volatile memory ? - RAM
• Question based on the definition of GNP (Gross National Product)
• What is an Internet explorer ? Browser
• What is the extension used for MS word ? - .doc,.docx
• What is the first step of buying ? - need recognition
• In which of the following areas there is no 100% FDI in railways ? -
• who is water resource minister ? - Uma Bharti
• the 5000 ₹ overdraft in Jan dhan will be applicable only if the account is active for how many months.
• The slogan " I have a dream" is given by which American activist in his public speech ? - Martin Luthor King
• which PSU is responsible for insurance over export? - Export Credit Insurance
• Which is an insurance regulatory body- IRDA
• Which is the Regulatory body for RRB? - NABARD
• Who is the author of God of small thing ? Arundhati Roy
• NPS stands for? National pension scheme
• RBI policy related to money laundering? Know Your Customer
• NBFC deals in? - providing banking services
• What is the full form of PDF? Portable Document Format
• What is the function of Ctrl + s in MS Word = to save file or document
• Ping in computer used for

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