Wednesday, 15 October 2014

SBI PO Interview Experience 2014 - Parth Patel

SBI PO Interview Experience 2014:

Center for GD/PI: Mumbai

Time: 1100 hrs Panel:1

No of people in the group 13-2(absent) = 11.

Topic: Have we compromised on environment protection in the quest for development?

GD Details: A panel of 5 people will judge you. Three minutes given to jot down your points on a notepad (provided by them along with a pencil) once the topic is disclosed. Then 2 rounds. First, everyone gets 2 minutes each to speak. Then an optional 1 minute if you want to add on anything. In my group most of them were preparing for UPSC so a lot of facts were being thrown into the discussion.

PI: The same panel of 5 people (4 gentlemen, 1 lady in my case) will take your PI.

My PI:

Started with my current Job (software engineer). I had written in the Bio-Data form that I wanted to leave my employer as I didn't want to work for western clients.

Explained a bit on that saying I want to work for Indian people and not some multi billion $ MNC in the US.

"You want to work for India, so have you went to rural areas and tried to help them? Or set up communication networks or something (I am BTECH in ECE)?"


"Even SBI has clients from abroad. If asked to work for them will you say no?"

I said the probability of that is less, given that in the initial period officers are posted at small branches.

Then they asked for other reasons, I said growth structure is good (promotions and all). You can be the chairman through this line of entry blah blah.

'Do you know the pyramid (of designations/promotions) in SBI?

I vaguely described the management levels. I wasn't sure, but I got it correct more or less.

"SBI's motto?"

I had read it in the morning outside the local head office but I forgot.

"Types of banks?"

I answered.

"Cooperative banks are controlled by whom?"

Got nervous, said I don't know.

"Who controls commercial banks?"


"Same for the cooperative banks." (Smiled)

Okay. [smiled]

"What difference have you noticed between Gujarat and Maharashtra?" (I am working out of Pune and my domicile is Gujarat)

Said something about traffic cops being really nasty in Pune to outsiders. This went on for a while and it was over.

I popped a knuckle in the end by mistake. Don't know how's that gonna go with them.

There were some small questions in between, but don't remember them.

Hope this helps. ATB.

A heads up: Others were asked on what they spoke in GD. UPSC folks were asked if you are selected in UPSC you'll leave this job. Why should we select you?

All The best :D

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