Monday, 13 October 2014

SBI PO Interview experience 2014 -1

SBI PO Interview Experience : GD/PI  EXPERIENCE 10.10.14 

GD TOPIC was:Fuel,fertilizer,food subsidy cannot be continued.

Name : Paul

Interview : My background was btech(cse).

All the panelists were cordial.

Panelist1 :Firstly he asked me the most wanted question

why banking after engineering?

why not it officer?

what do u know about banking?

are u having an account? in which bank?

which services are u using of ur account?

Panelist 2nd and 3rd asked nothing but just passed on to the third

which was a disaster for me.

He just hanged on to the petrochemicals

whats the price of crude oil imported per barrel?

what do u know if ONGC? full form?

Where ONGC works?

are fuel prices increasing or decreasing? why/why not?

where are oil refineries in india?

last product of oil refining?by products of oil refining?

what is anlkeshwar famous for?where is it?

asked something about Bombay high

cant remember much about 3-4 questions i forgot

{only thing in my mind WHATS GOING ON HERE  :D}

so it means they can ask u anything.could stick to one topic and keep stretching it. so be ready for whats going to be served and prepare well for current affairs.



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