Tuesday, 14 October 2014

SBI PO GD/PI Interview Experience 2014

SBI PO GD/PI Experience :

GD : China and India, on the road to development.

PI:went for about 20 mins.

1) Asked about a project I did in college(water rocket), asked if I can use a paper to explain it, they refused then pause and I started to explain it to them. Since I mentioned android as one of the interests/hobbies, main guy asked me about current version, next version.

2) What do you know about banking?

A: told them I only know about basic things like CRR, inflation etc.

3) Reasons for inflation

A: Hoarding, corruption, transporatation(due to diesel price)

4) How is transportation related to price rise?

A: A fruit from himachal will cost less in north as compared to south due to transportation.

5) Asked about my geographical skills and name of 4 rivers in south.

A: Kaveri, krishna, mahanadi in orissa which is around central. Don't know about another.

6) 2 rivers that end in Arabian sea?

A: Narmada, tapi.

7) 2 UTs that are islands?

A: Daman and diu.*pause* Andaman and Nicobar.

8) Asked about facebook ceo's name who is visiting India.

A: Zuckerberg then asked about microsoft's, I said bill gates. They said its not Bill gates.

9) Before that two other visited.

A: Amazon and one I dont know.

10) What are other things you have read about recently?

A: Nobel prize to 3 japanese for physics and literature to a french guy. Haven't read about it in detail yet so I dont know their names.

11) What about chemistry?

A: Haven't read about it yet.

12) They got it in something related to physics, any idea?

A: No sir.

13) Optical telescope, some molecules etc.

14) What else do you know about banking apart from inflation? What is banking? What is savings account? What is management?

A: don't remember what I answered.

15) What else did you read recently in a newspaper or anything?

A: China surpassed US as largest economy.

16) Anything else?

A: Nasa has asked for US ciitzens for thier names written on chip to send it to Mars.

17)Asked about family buisness and why I am chosing bank instead.

A: told them about the risk and unstable behaviour.

18) Bank is also risky?

A: It is stable though and secure.

19) When people in buisness wants to come in bank and not grow it instead, its bad for the economy.

A: We tried growing it, its too demanding and since the work is manual and money handling is manually done, one person is appointed for collecting money only which is just a wastage of resource. So we are only focussed locally.

20) You are an engineer, why dont you use your knowledge in getting machines etc and take loans for that?

A: We can use it but then its the question of money again and people needed to handle it. Its not that it is in loss, and there is no one to handle the money afterwards since many clients dont know about internet banking so no point in travelling across the states to collect cash.

21) Asked about currencies of couple of countries like australia, thailand, china, japan, england etc. Didn't know about china and thailand. Origin of ganga in India and its path. Uk, Up, bihar and WB.

That's about it. I have covered about 90% of stuff asked. I was very nervous at first since I was first person to go inside and couldn't answer banking related questions properly.

Only thing I can tell you is stay as relaxed as you can so you can answer properly.

If you have any questions, ask here. 


  1. congratulations and i wish u will be soon in sbi as a PO..
    I want to know sbi written exam, how many qus. u attempted?? and how many marks did u get? and plz share ur score sections wise, i too given but couldn't clear although i did very hard work, left no stone unturned, my attempt was 118 and 10 in DI which is 100 % correct. Now waiting for marks, where did i fail .? plz share ur marks sections wise. and i m genrl candidate.

  2. Bhai interview english main hi hota hy hindi mani nahi

  3. have u cracked the interview ?? if yes , den pls tell what r da basic requirements to crack ainterview