Saturday, 18 October 2014

IBPS PO 18-10-2014 General Awareness Questions Morning Shift

IBPS PO 18-10-2014 General Awareness asked Questions Morning Shift:

1. Largest hydroelectric power plant in india-
2. kisan vikas patra was closed by govt. earlier ..why ?

3. Foreign Institutional Investor – FII

4. . RBI issue what to method finance

5. MTSS- Money Transfer Service Scheme

6. Nuku’alofa is the capital of – Tonga
7. in how many days kyc custom fill identity proof : not exceed 5 working days

8. What is 'M' in MIFF- Mumbai(MIFF- Mumbai International Film

9. basic saving bank deposit account maximum credit amount – 50000

10. Money laundering is done to- Avoiding tax
11. Nitin gadkari related to –Transport

12. ppf change from -1 to 1.5lk

13. Jan Dhan Yojana Benefits – Overdraft Loan in Bank Account

14.  Vishal Sikka is CMD of which company..infosys
15. Mogadishu is the capital of - Somalia
16. fusion points agreement 118 countries related to

17. currency of Spain - euro

18. which Indian movie goes to oscar - liar's Dice
19. writer of The Mother I Never Knew - Sudha Murty

20. When did Mangalaayan reach Mars - 24 september

We will Update Remain Soon … stay with us

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