Sunday, 12 October 2014

12-10-2014 IBPS PO Morning Shift General Awareness

IBPS PO Exam Asked General Awareness (12-10-2014 )  Morning Shift :

1. Pre shipment and post shipment is related toin finance-Export finance

2. State with lowest population-sikkim

3. RBI release Draft Guidelines for Licensing ofPayments Banks,Small Banks-100 cr

4. Time Limit fixed by RBI for For Resolution ofcomplaints of ATM not withdrawl money-7days

5. RRCAT rajaraman is located in-Indore,MP

6. Insurance Cover in PM Jan DhanYojna-30000

7. ‘The Bank That Begins With u’ is tagline of –United bank of India

8. Individual Borrower can check their creditreport from –CIBIL

9. BCSBI codes Banking Codes and StandardsBoard of India are related to-Banks

10. Settlement in RTGS to settle with in -1 Day

11. EBT full form-Electronic Benefits Transfer

12. Hanoi is Capital of –Vietnam

13. Najeeb Jung is –Lieutenant governor of Delhi

14. ABSA full form-Application supported byblocked account

15. Banking account that has been not claimed for10m yr-Unclaimed or Dormant account

16. RBI has recently mandate a two step mobileauthentification for e-commerce-car rentalcompany-UBER

17. PMGSY -Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojanaunder the Ministry of Rural Development,Government of India.

18. Authorised dealer is a person authorised byRBI to deal in-Foreign Exchange

19. Inter-governmental body that develops andpromotes policies to protect the globalfinancial system against money laundering andterrorist financing is - The Financial ActionTask Force (FATF)

20. In case of basic savings bank deposit account(BSBDA) the total of debits by way of cashwithdrawals and transfers will not exceed tenthousand rupees in a- Month

21. Which location has nuclear power plant-Kakrapar

22. Finding fanny Director : Homi Adajania
23. "HALF GIRLFRIEND" author : Chetan Bhagat

24. who is Najeeb Jung? ,

25. Preshipment & Postshipment related to? ,

26. Yuan is the currency of ? ,

27. EBT stands for ? ,

28. State with lowest population density ? ,

29. World's largest desert ? ,

30. PMGSY a central govt. scheme stands for ? ,

31. GS defines what in RTGS ? ,

32. Author of Half Girlfrnd ? ,

33. Who is the director of film Finding Fanny ? ,

34. Hanoi is capitol of...??? ,

35. Too Big To Fail... punch line of??

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