Sunday, 12 October 2014

11-12-2014 IBPS PO Evening Shift General Awareness

(11-12-2014 IBPS PO  evening Shift )General Awareness Questions Which of the following has not euro as its currency?

Denmark One question on CASA- current and saving account

Nikkei index- Tokyo stock exchange

Maharashtra Governor- chennamani vidyasagar rao Padma Vibhusan- Dr. Ragunath Mashelkar

Book selected for man booker prize by neelmukherjee-

The lives of others Us open male winner - Marin Čilić Ebola spread in which region-West africa

The lives of others author- Neel Mukherjee's

Rbi 10 rupees plastic note not in which state –kerala

A question about RFID,

denotes RFID radiofrequency identification

Sbi card less scheme

Who is the father of industry in India

Jamesdji tata

Capital of UAE- Abu Dhabi

Highest Density in a State as per census 2011?

Bihar Which Bank has started Cardless Transaction? I

CICI India's first mute film - Alam ara

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