Saturday, 2 August 2014

SBI Clerk Exam Discussion 02-08-2014 Morning shift

Dear All Aspirants , Share your views on today (02 August 2014) SBI Assistant Exam Online Test those who attended . make it your voice on review and Hiving questions please share with us

SBI Clerk Exam discussionOur Next post will show General Awareness Questions which asked in today exam


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  1. 1. What is the minimum duration of fixed deposit – 7 days.
    2. Bank Comes under Differentiate banks – Small banks and payment banks.
    3. Under which committee NO-FRILLS account under financial inclusion comes – Mr k.C. Chakrabarthy.
    4. Which Bank started ATM service first of all in India – HSBC.
    5. Local area banking system started in – 1996.
    6. Universal electronic banking account (UEBA) under the guide lines of RBI, minimum age to open this account – 18+ years.
    7. The first bank which introduced BIO-ATM – AXIS bank.
    8. Name of the web portal launched by the Union Govt during July 2014 for enabling government-citizen discussions on several issues – MyGov.
    9. Name the aircraft which crashed in Mali during July 2014 killing over a 100 passengers on-board – Air Algeria.
    10. Which is the capital of Srilanka – Colombo.
    11. Full form of BANCS –

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    2. general awareness questions