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SBI Clerk Marketing Aptitude Practice test 1

1. Product position is the way the product is
defined by________
(1) Advertising company (2) Competitors
(3) Company Employees (4) Company Directors
(5) Consumers

2. What is one of the characteristics on which
customers are segmented ?
(1) Income (2) Education ' (3) Age (4) Cost
(5) All of above

3 . Who has initiated the basis of Market  Segmentation ?
(1) Prof. Pankaj Parashar
(2) Philip Kotler
(3) Cundif and Still
(4) Marshal
(5) 2 and 3

4. A valid study:
(1) portrays the population being studied
(2) establishes a casual relationship between  variables
(3) uses random sampling
(4) measures what it is supposed to
(5) None of these

5. Marketing researchers at Cumbria Ltd. repeated an experiment several times and discovered  that the results produced each time were identical.
This would suggest that the results were:
(1) reliable (2) valid (3) usable (4)
predictable (5) None of these

6. To set the price of a new dictionary. KIRAN  PRAKASHAN needs to know how many dictionaries  can be sold at different prices. The dependent  variable in this example would be:
(1) competition
(2) book publishers
(3) sales
(4) price
(5) None of these

7. Nestle develops a scale to measure young adult attitudes toward snacking. There is concern  that if the questions were given to the same person several times they would produce different answers. Nestle is concerned about the scale's
(1)validity (2) capacity (3) dependability
(4) reliability (5) None of these

8. The University Book Shop selects 200 of its  more than 8,000customers to participate in a  study on service quality in the shop. The Book Shop has established a _for use in its research:
(1) population
(2) field setting
(3) dependent grouping
(4) sample
(5) None of these

9. Ms. Mayawati is running for Parliament in the  General Election. She needs to know the intended  choices of the voters and will undertake a survey. All  the voters on the Electoral Register in her  constituency would be the study's: -
(1) sample
(2) dependent variable
(3) population
(4) independent^ variable
(5) None of these

10. In what type of sampling design is the final  choice of respondents left up to the interviewer?
(1) stratified sampling
(2) random sampling
(3) cluster sampling
(4) quota sampling .
(5) None of these

11. Wessex Motors needs to assess the company's  image relative to a new competitor. The time  schedule is flexible, the research budget is very  limited and a low response rate will not be a major problem. Wessex Motors will probably use______  survey.
(1) mail
(2) telephone
(3) random
(4) personal interview
(5) None of these

12. If Adidas needs to survey retailers altitudes on  the availability of product literature in athletic  shoe shops and needs the results within four working  days, Adidas will probably use ______survey.
(1) a mail
(2) a telephone
(3) a mall intercept
(4) a personal interview
(5) None of these

13. An item on the University Book Shop's survey  asks respondents to tell the shop, in their own  words, what they like least about textbook shopping.  This item would be an example of_______ question.
(1) an open-ended
(2) a dichotomous
(3) a forced-sum choice
(4) a multiple choice
(5) None of these

14. If Proctor and Gamble, the makers of Ariel,  need to know what percentage of customers examine  product labels before making a product selection in the supermarket, this could best be accomplished  through:
(1) focus groups
(2) mail surveys
(3) personal interviews
(4) observation
(5) None of these

15. Lever Bros, markets a number of different  brands of laundry detergents including Radion. Persil  Power, Persil Colour and Surf. Each of these specific  versions of laundry detergents can be described as:
(1) a product item
(2) a product line
(3) a core product
(4) a mix item
(5) None of these

16. A brand name is one of the elements of the
(1) core product
(2) actual product
(3) augmented product
(4) All of the above
(5) None of these

17 . Procter & Gamble makes at least eight different  detergents This illustrates:
(1) product mix width
(2) product mix consistency
(3) product mix depth
(4) market item width
(5) None of these

18 . Advertisement materials supplied by Producer to  the dealer may include________
(1) Diaries
(2) Calendars
(3) Literature
(4) Packing Bags
(5) All of above

19 . Under which method a special price reduction is  being given to dealers by Producers ?
(1) Quantity Discount
(2) Quality Discount
(3) Daily Discount
(4) Cash Discount
(5) Trade Discount

20. What is being given lo Salesman if he achieves predetermined sale targets ?
(1) Commission (2) Sales (3) Reduction  (4)
Discount (5) Training

Answers :

1.5   2.5    3.5    4.4  5.1   6.3    7.4    8.4
9.3  10.4   11.1  12.2  13.1  14.4  15.1  16.2  17 .3  18 .5  19.1  20.1

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