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SBI Clerk Computer Awareness Practice test 3

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SBI Clerk Exam Discussion 20 July 2014

SBI Clerk General Awareness Questions which Asked 20-07-2014 Morning & Evening Shift

1.  A  lever  used  to  control  the  movement  of  a  cursor on a video screen is 

   (a) keyboard    

   (b) Joy stick  

   (c) light pen    

   (d) plotter  

   (e) None of these


2.  In  which  mode,  each  user  has  a  local input/output device? 

   (a) Interactive

   (b) Time sharing mode

   (c) Batch processing mode

   (d) All of these

   (e) None of these


3.  Which unit decodes information and present to the user? 

   (a) ALU      

   (b) Storage unit  

   (c) Output unit    

   (d) Control unit  

   (e) None of these


4.  Which  memory  is  nonvolatile  and  may  be written only once? 

   (a) RAM      

   (b) EE-ROM

   (c) RAM      

   (d) PROM  

   (e) None of these


5.  Non-volatility is an important advantage of 

   (a) CCD’s    

   (b) magnetic tapes and disks

   (c) magnetic bubbles

   (d) both (b) and (c)

   (e) None of these


6.  Which  of  the  following  is  used  for manufacturing chips? 

   (a) Control bus    

   (b) Control unit  

   (c) Parity unit    

   (d) Semiconductor  

   (e) None of these


7.  To  set  a  register  or  counter  to  the  all-zero- state is 

   (a) rerun      

   (b) reset  

   (c) remote      

   (d) release  

   (e) None of these


8.  A  device  for  entering  X-Y  co-ordinates  is known as 

   (a) card reader    

   (b) cassette tape  

   (c) multiplexer    

   (d) joystick

   (e) None of these


9.  A  repository  for  data,  usually  covering specific topic is 

   (a) database      

   (b) data requisition

   (c) databank    

   (d) data collection  

   (e) None of these


10.  Most important advantage of an IC is its 

   (a) easy replacement in case of circuit failure

   (b) extremely high reliability

   (c) reduced cost

   (d) low power consumption

   (e) None of these


11.  Which  of  the  following  is  required  when  more than one person uses a central computer  at the same time? 

   (a) Terminal    

   (b) Light pen  

   (c) Digitizer    

   (d) Mouse  

   (e) None of these


12.  Perforated  paper  used  as  input  or  output media is known as 

   (a) paper tape    

   (b) magnetic tape  

   (c) punched paper tape  

   (d) card punch  

   (e) None of these


13.  The general range of speed in revolutions per minute (rpm) at which floppy disks rotate is 

   (a) 2400-4700    

   (b) 390-600  

   (c) 150-250    

   (d) 300-600  

   (e) None of these


14.  Which access method is used for obtaining a record from a cassette tape? 

   (a) Direct    

   (b) Sequential  

   (c) Random    

   (d) All of these  

   (e) None of these


15.  A  communication  protocol  that  converts  noisy data links into communication channels  free of transmission errors is known as 

   (a) data link protocol  

   (b) data link  

   (c) data medium    

   (d) data model  

   (e) None of these


16. Control  of  computer  system  or  subsystem  operation by an operator who may intervene at  arbitrary times is 

   (a) manual control    

   (b) mapping  

   (c) shift register    

   (d) ALU  

   (e) None of these


17.  Multiprogramming was made possible by 

   (a) input/output  units  that  operate independently of the CPU

   (b) operating system

   (c) both (a) and (b)

   (d) neither (a) nor (b)

   (e) None of these


18.  The data on the tracks on a magnetic disk are written as 

   (a) up or down

   (b) tiny magnetic spots

   (c) 0 or 1

   (d) high or low voltage

   (e) None of these


19.  For a memory system, the cycle time is 

   (a) same as the access time

   (b) longer than the access time

   (c) shorter than the access time

   (d) submultiple of the access time

   (e) None of these


20.  Main storage is also called 

   (a) accumulator    

   (b) control unit  

   (c) register unit    

   (d) memory  

   (e) None of these


21. The  largest  of  the  four  conceptual  areas  of storage is likely to be the 

   (a) program area    

   (b) output area  

   (c) working area    

   (d) input area  

   (e) None of these


22.  An  on-line  backing  storage  system  capable of storing larger quantities of data is 

   (a) CPU      

   (b) memory  

   (c) mass storage  

   (d) secondary storage  

   (e) None of these


23.  Which  of  the  following  is  still  useful  for adding numbers? 

   (a) EDSAC      

   (b) ENIAC  

   (c) Abacus      

   (d) UNIVAC  

   (e) None of these


24.  The  most  popular  language  for  interactive use is 

   (a) COBOL      

   (b) PASCAL  

   (c) BASIC      

   (d) FORTRAN  

   (e) None of these


25.  In  which  language  is  a  source  program written? 

   (a) English      

   (b) Symbolic  

   (c) High-level    

   (d) Machine  

   (e) None of these

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