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SBI Clerk Computer Awareness Practice Test -1

Dear Readers This Is the Second post on SBI Clerk Computer Awareness practice .

1.  Which of the following is considered a broad band communication channel?

   (a) coaxial cable   

   (b) fiber optics cable 

   (c) microwave circuits 

   (d) All of these 

   (e) None of these


2.  In  a  synchronous  modem,  the  digital-to- analog converter transmits signal to the

   (a) equalizer   

   (b) modulator 

   (c) demodulator   

   (d) terminal 

   (e) None of these


3.  Long  text  can  be  broken  down  into  many lines within a cell. You can do this through

   (a) Wrap Text in Format > Cells

   (b) Justify in Edit > Cells

   (c) Text Wrapping in Format > Cells,  Layout tab

   (d) All of these

   (e) None of these


4.  Which  of  the  following  line  spacing  is invalid?

   (a) Single   

   (b) Double 

   (c) Triple   

   (d) Multiple 

   (e) None of these


5.  To  see  the  document  before  the  printout  is taken, use……….

   (a) Insert Table 

   (b) Paste 

   (c) Format Painter 

   (d) Cut 

   (e) Print Preview


6.  The  Title  and  Page  number  of  a  document  can be displayed using which of the following  options?

   (a) Insert table

   (b) Spelling and Grammar

   (c) Header and Footer

   (d) Thesaurus

   (e) File


7.  MICR is exclusively used in :

   (a) Libraries   

   (b) Super Markets 

   (c) Stock markets 

   (d) Banking Industry 

   (e) None of these


8.  Pop-ups are a form of…..on the World Wide Web?

   (a) Instant Messaging 

   (b) Search Engines

   (c) Browsers 

   (d) Mark-up Languages

   (e) Online Advertising


9.  What are the columns in a Microsoft access table called?

   (a) Rows   

   (b) Records 

   (c) Fields   

   (d) Columns 

   (e) None of these


10.  The CPU of a computer?

   (a) understands only assembly language

   (b) understands machine language and high- level languages

   (c) understands only machine language

   (d) understands only high-level language

   (e) does not understand machine language


11.  Education  combined  with  entertainment  is  called…………

   (a) Simulation   

   (b) CAI 

   (c) Edutainment   

   (d) Synchronization 

   (e) None of these


12.  In network terminology, MAN stands for

   (a) Multi-Area Network

   (b) Main Area Network

   (c) Multi Application Network

   (d) Metropolitan Area Network

   (e) None of these


13.  Which  printer  is  very  commonly  used  for desktop publishing?

   (a) Laser Printer

   (b) Inkjet Printer

   (c) Daisywheel printer

   (d) Dot matrix printer

   (e) None of these


14.  Total number of rows in Excel 756

   (a) 65536   

   (b) 256 

   (c) 1024     

   (d) None of these 

   (e) None of these


15.  An  output  device  that  uses  words  or  messages  recorded on  a  magnetic  medium  to  produce audio response is

   (a) Magnetic tape

   (b) Voice response unit

   (c) Voice recognition unit

   (d) Voice band

   (e) None of these


16.  Which of the following generation computers is referred to an expert system?

   (a) 2nd

   (b) 1st

   (c) 4th 

   (d) 3rd

   (e) 5th


17.  Which  of  the  following  transport  layer protocols is used to support electronic mail?

   (a) SMTP   

   (b) IP 

   (c) TCP     

   (d) UDP 

   (e) None of these


18.  VPN means

   (a) Vital Private Network

   (b) Virtual Private Network

   (c) Visual Projection Node

   (d) Very Private Network

   (e) None of these


19.  ………is  the  internal  network  of  an organization?

   (a) Internet   

   (b) Intranet 

   (c) Extranet   

   (d) Organet 

   (e) None of these


20.  Which  of  the  following  is  not  a  database object?

   (a) Tables   

   (b) Queries 

   (c) Relationships 

   (d) Reports 

   (e) None of these


21.  Database  management  systems  are  intended to

   (a) Eliminate data redundancy

   (b) Manage file access

   (c) Maintain data integrity

   (d) All of these

   (e) None of these


22.  BCC in the internet refers to

   (a) Black carbon copy

   (b) Blind carbon copy

   (c) Blank carbon copy

   (d) Beautiful carbon copy

   (e) None of these


23.  A………….is a series of commands that is  recorded  so  it  can  be  played  back,  or  executed, later

   (a) Mail merge   

   (b) Merge printing 

   (c) Goal seek   

   (d) Macro 

   (e) None of these


24.   ………  a  computer  software  designated to help people involved in a common task to  achieve goals.

   (a) Shareware 

   (b) Software 

   (c) Freeware 

   (d) Collaborative Software 

   (e) None of these


25.  A  collection  of  programmes  which  determines  and  controls  how  your  computer system  works  and  process  information  is  called

   (a) Interpreter   

   (b) Computer 

   (c) Office   

   (d) Compiler 

   (e) Operating system


26.  To get the ‘Symbol’ dialog box, click on the  …………menu and choose ‘Symbol’.

   (a) Insert   

   (b) Format 

   (c) Tools   

   (d) Table 

   (e) None of these


27.  The  loss  in  signal  power  as  light  travels  down the fiber is called

   (a) attenuation   

   (b) progradation 

   (c) scattering   

   (d) interruption 

   (e) None of these


28.  Number  of  bits  per  symbol  used  in  Baudot  code is

   (a) 7     

   (b) 5 

   (c) 8     

   (d) 9

   (e) None of these


29.  ALU  works  on  the  instructions  held  in  ………

   (a) Notebook     

   (b) Registers 

   (c) Notepad     

   (d) Clipboard 

   (e) I/O Devices


30.  Which of  the  following  uses  computers  and  data  communication  to  transmit  data  electronically between computers?

   (a) EDI     

   (b) Physical Media 

   (c) Printing a paper 

   (d) DTE 

   (e) None of these


31.  The  spacing  between  character  pairs  is called :

   (a) Kerning   

   (b) x-height 

   (c) intercap   

   (d) serif 

   (e) None of these


32.  ………is a set off instructions.

   (a) Hardware     

   (b) Code 

   (c) Language     

   (d) Program 

   (e) All of these


33.  By  default  there  are……..worksheets  in  an Excel file

   (a) 2     

   (b) 3 

   (c) 4     

   (d) 5 

   (e) None of these


34.  In  case  of  Bus/Tree  topology  signal balancing issue is overcome by

   (a) Modulation   

   (b) Polling 

   (c) Segmentation 

   (d) Strong transmitter 

   (e) None of these


35.  Which of the following is not a term related to the World Wide Web?

   (a) Hyperlink     

   (b) Hypertext 

   (c) Website     

   (d) Homepage 

   (e) Keyboard


36.  …….is the process of getting access to the  computer.

   (a) Switch on   

   (b) Login 

   (c) Logoff   

   (d) Enter 

   (e) None of these


37.  Data redundancy can be eliminated by using:

   (a) Networking   

   (b) DBMS

   (c) Operating System

   (d) Processing the data manually

   (e) None of these


38.  We cannot delete the……….icon but we can made it invisible.

   (a) Recycle   

   (b) My Computer 

   (c) Internet Explorer

   (d) My Network Place 

   (e) None of these


39.  A character that is raised and smaller above the baseline is known as

   (a) Outlined   

   (b) Raised 

   (c) Superscript   

   (d) Subscript 

   (e) None of these


40.  The process of converting analog signals into  digital  signals  so  they  can  be processed  by  a  receiving computer is referred to as :

   (a) modulation   

   (b) demodulation 

   (c) synchronizing   

   (d) digitizing 

   (e) None of these


41.  Which of  the  following  is  not  used  to  align text in a document?

   (a) Left     

   (b) Right 

   (c) Center     

   (d) Diagonal 

   (e) Justify


42.  The technique  and  process  of  searching,  recovering, and interpreting information from  large amounts of stored data is called

   (a) Browsing   

   (b) Chatting 

   (c) Retrieval   

   (d) Desktop publishing 

   (e) None of these


43.  Thesaurus  option  is  available  in ………menu.

   (a) Page layout     

   (b) References 

   (c) Review     

   (d) View 

   (e) Layout


44.  …………is  a  combination  of  text,  audio, still images, animation, video.

   (a) Multiplexer   

   (b) Multiplier 

   (c) Multimedia   

   (d) Multiuser 

   (e) None of these


45.  Which of the following refers to the process of trading goods over the internet?

   (a) E-seva     

   (b) E-trading 

   (c) E-Finance     

   (d) E-Sales 

   (e) E-Commerce


46.  What is the short cut key to open Font dialog  box?

   (a) Ctrl + F   

   (b) Alt + Ctrl + F 

   (c) Ctrl + D   

   (d) Ctrl + Shift + D 

   (e) None of these


47.  Which  of  the  following  is  another  name  for pre-programmed formula in Excel?

   (a) Range     

   (b) Graph 

   (c) Function     

   (d) Cell 

   (e) None of these


48.  A  top-to-bottom  relationship  among  the  items in a database is established by a

   (a) Hierarchical schema

   (b) Network schema

   (c) Relational schema

   (d) All of these

   (e) None of these


49.  In  order  to  change  page  margins  in  a  word document

   (a) Drag the scroll box on the scroll bars.

   (b) Delete the margin boundaries on the ruler

   (c) Right Click on the ruler

   (d) Drag the margin boundaries on the ruler

   (e) None of these


50.  In……….there  is  no  direct  contact  with  the end users

   (a) B2B     

   (b) B2C 

   (c) C2C     

   (d) All these 

   (e) None of these

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