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SBI Clerk Computer Awareness Practice

Dear Aspirants ! here The Post Going to Give Computer Awareness Practice for SBI Clerk Exam . Exam Dates Are Fixed and Call Letters Also Issued . Now is the Time for Hard practice . Take Practice now .
1. Which  of  the  following  best  describes a computer-based information system?
   (a) Data input for processing
   (b) Output in produced in the form of Hard copy
   (c) Processing data
   (d) System where computer is used to turn data into information
   (e) None of these
2. ……… the storage area for e-mails.
   (a) Folder     
   (b) Mail box 
   (c) Directory   
   (d) Hard Disk 
   (e) None of these
3. Which  of  the  following  operating  systems does not exist?
   (a) Windows 7   
   (b) Mac OS X 
   (c) Windows CE   
   (d) Windows 12 
   (e) Ubuntu

4.  What  do  we  call  a  network  whose  elements may   be  separated  by  some  distance?  It usually involves two or more small networks and dedicated high-speed telephone lines.
   (a) URL (Universal Resource Locator)
   (b) LAN (Local Area Network)
   (c) WAN (Wide Area Network) 
   (d) World Wide Web 
   (e) None of these
5. A software that is not protected by copyright or trademark is………
   (a) Vertical Market Software
   (b) Public Domain Software
   (c) Shareware Software
   (d) Trialware
   (e) Adware
6. The worksheet contains……..rows.
   (a) 65536   
   (b) 256 
   (c) 536   
   (d) 400 
   (e) None of these
7. To create a formula, you can use :
   (a) values but not cell references
   (b) cell references but not values
   (c) values or cell references although not both  at the same time
   (d) value and cell references
   (e) None of these
8. To  protect  the  computer  from  hacker intrusions, ……..must be installed.
   (a) Firewall   
   (b) Mailer 
   (c) Script   
   (d) Yahoo Messenger 
   (e) None of these
9. ………..view  shows  hot  the  contents  on printed page will appear with margin, header and footer.
   (a) draft     
   (b) full screen reading 
   (c) outline   
   (d) page layout 
   (e) None of these
10.  In a worksheet you can select
   (a) rows
   (b) columns
   (c) entire worksheet
   (d) All of these 
   (e) None of these
11. Which  of  the  following  is  the  keyboard  short-cut  for  permanent  deletion  of  a  file/folder in windows?
   (a) Del     
   (b) Shift + Del 
   (c) Ctrl + Del   
   (d) Alt + Enter
   (e) None of these
12. The  code  for  a  web  page  is  written  using ………..
   (a) machine language   
   (b) winzip 
   (c) perl       
   (d) HTML 
   (e) None of these
13. A  coding  structure  in  which  characters  are represented by means of series of parallel bars  is :
   (a) Bar code     
   (b) Menu Bar 
   (c) Numeric Bar     
   (d) Bar Graph 
   (e) None of these
14. Which key do you press to check spelling?
   (a) F3     
   (b) F5 
   (c) F7     
   (d) F9 
   (e) None of these
15. In  Satellite  based  communication,  VSAT stands for?
   (a) Very Small Aperture Terminal
   (b) Varying Size Aperture Terminal
   (c) Very Small Analog Terminal
   (d)Very Small Analog Transmitter
   (e) None of these
16.  The most common format for a home video recorder is VHS. VHS stands for….?
   (a) Video Home System
   (b) Very high speed
   (c) Video horizontal standard
   (d) Voltage house standard
   (e) None of these
17.  The Internet banking facility provide by banks is known as
   (a) online banking
   (b) net banking
   (c) e-connect
   (d) epay 
   (e) None of these
19.  What is the full form of TCP/IP?
   (a) Transmission control protocol/internet protocol
   (b) telephone call protocol/international protocol
   (c) transport control protocol/internet protocol 
   (d) Tele caller protocol institutional protocol
   (e) None of these
20.  Which  of  the  following  is  true  about Operating System?
   (a) It is an interface between user and the computer.
   (b) It manages all resources
   (c) It does all Memory management and Process management tasks
   (d) All are true
   (e) None of these
21. Which of the following is a disadvantage of machine language?
   (a) Machine Dependent
   (b) Slower Execution
   (c) Machine Independent
   (d) It requires Translation
   (e) None of these
22.  A  commonly  used  graphic  format  for  the web is :
   (a) GIF     
   (b) cmp 
   (c) text     
   (d) TIF 
   (e) None of these
23.  Voice recognition is :
   (a) Ability  to  input  data  directly  into  a computer system by speaking to it
   (b) Ability  to  output  data  directly  from  a computer system by speaking
   (c) Processing of voice in computer system
   (d) Both (a) and (b) 
   (e) None of these
24.  If you want to secure a message, use a(n) :
   (a) cryptology source
   (b) encryption key
   (c) encryption software package
   (d) cryptosystem
   (e) None of these
25.  Which of the following enables you to paste data multiple times?
   (a) window clipboard
   (b) office clipboard
   (c) Memory
   (d) Both (a) and (b)
   (e) None of these
26. Display bar that lists all the open folders and active application is………
   (a) Menu bar   
   (b) Toolbar 
   (c) Task bar     
   (d) Window list 
   (e) None of these
27.  ‘MPG’ extension refers usually to what kind of file?
   (a) WordPerfect Document File
   (b) MS Office document
   (c) Animation/movie file
   (d) Image file
   (e) None of these
28. What is part of a database that holds only one type of information?
   (a) Report   
   (b) Field 
   (c) Record   
   (d) File 
   (e) None of these
29. Expand RDBMS
   (a) Relative Database Management System
   (b) Rational Database Minimize System
   (c) Relational Database Management System
   (d) Relational Database Maximize System
   (e) None of these
30. The cell labeled F5 refers to :
   (a) row 5 column F
   (b) column 5 row F
   (c) function available in cells
   (d) function key F5
   (e) None of these
31. Which  of  the  following  programming languages  is  associated  with  Artificial  Intelligence?
   (a) C       
   (b) B 
   (c) C++       
   (d) JAVA 
   (e) PROLOG
32. Circuits  that  provide  a  communication  path between  two  or  more  devices  of  a  digital computer system is :
   (a) Car       
   (b) Bus 
   (c) Track     
   (d) Cable 
   (e) None of these
33.  The  cell  reference  for  cell  range  of  G2  to M12 is……….
   (a) G2.M12     
   (b) G2;M12 
   (c) G2:M12     
   (d) G2-M12 
   (e) None of these
34.  Android Operating System is an example of which kind of Source Model?
   (a) Open Source
   (b) Vertical Market Software
   (c) Horizontal Market Software
   (d) Shareware
   (e) None of these
35.  Which  of  the  following  is  known  as  non volatile memory?
   (a) Hard Disk   
   (b) Floppy Disk 
   (c) CD-ROM   
   (d) DVD-ROM 
   (e) All of these
36. Most  modern  TV’s  draw  power  even  if turned  off.   The  circuit  the  power  is  used  in  does what function?
   (a) Sound   
   (b) Remote control 
   (c) Color balance 
   (d) High voltage 
   (e) None of these

37. Which  of  the  following  helps  to  reduce spelling error in the document?
   (a) Auto Format 
   (b) Auto Correct 
   (c) Smart Tags   
   (d) Auto Text 
   (e) None of these

38. Which  area  in  an  Excel  window  allows entering values and formulas?
   (a) Title Bar   
   (b) Menu Bar 
   (c) Formula Bar 
   (d) Standard Tool Bar 
   (e) None of these
39.  Internet uses
   (a) Packet switching
   (b) Circuit switching
   (c) Telephone switching
   (d) Telex switching
   (e) None of these
40. What is FTP program used for?
   (a) Transfer files to and from an Internet Server
   (b) Designing a website
   (c) Connecting to the Internet
   (d) Sending mails in bulk
   (e) None of these
41. Which of the following are commonly found on web pages?
   (a) internet   
   (b) hyperlinks 
   (c) intranet   
   (d) all of these 
   (e) None of these
42. A menu contains a list of :
   (a) commands 
   (b) data 
   (c) objects 
   (d) reports 
   (e) None of these

44. What does COUNTA ( ) function do?
   (a) counts cells having alphabets
   (b) counts empty cells
   (c) counts cells having number
   (d) counts non-empty cells
   (e) None of these
45. Which language  is  used  to  create  macros  in Excel?
   (a) Visual Basic   
   (b) C 
   (c) Visual C + +   
   (d) Java 
   (e) None of these
46. A  collection  of  related  fields  in  data organization is called
   (a) group     
   (b) file 
   (c) information     
   (d) register 
   (e) None of these
47. Which  one  of  the  following  is  the  right shortcut for closing document in MS Office?
   (a) Shift + W   
   (b) Ctrl + W 
   (c) Shift + Ctrl + W 
   (d) Shift + Alt + W 
   (e) None of these
48. Which of the following is valid IP address?
   (a) 984.12.787.76
   (b) 192.168.321.10
   (c) 1.888.234.3456
   (e) None of these
49. The  ability  to  combine  name  and  addresses with a standard document is called…….
   (a) document formatting
   (b) database management
   (c) mail merge 
   (d) form letters 
   (e) None of these

50. Which  of  the  following  is  not  an  option  of the spelling dialog box?
   (a) Ignore     
   (b) Ignore all 
   (c) Edit     
   (d) Change 
   (e) None of these
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