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SBI Clerk Computer Awareness practice 4

1.A  plastic  card  similar  to  a  credit  card  but  having  some  memory  and  a  microprocessor  embedded within it is 

   (a) punched paper tape  

   (b) chip card  

   (c) card punch    

   (d) magnetic tape  

   (e) None of these


2.  Which  of  the  following  terms  does  not  describe a database structure used by a DBMS  to link data from several files? 

   (a) Relational    

   (b) Structural  

   (c) Network    

   (d) All of these  

   (e) None of these


3.  In half-duplex data transmission 

   (a) data can be transmitted in one direction only

   (b) data can be transmitted in both directions

   (c) data can be transmitted in both directions simultaneously

   (d) data cannot be transmitted

   (e) None of these


4.  In  synchronous  transmission  data  from various users 

   (a) require header

   (b) do not require header

   (c) sometimes require header

   (d) All of these

   (e) None of these


5.  What is the size of the optical compact disk  which  is  used  for  recording  high  quality  music? 

   (a) 4.7 inch    

   (b) 3.5 inch  

   (c) 5.5 inch    

   (d) 8.7 inch  

   (e) None of these


6.  A directly accessible appointment calendar is a feature of a resident package. 

   (a) CPU      

   (b) Memory  

   (c) Buffer      

   (d) ALU  

   (e) None of these


7.  Two  new  types  of  semiconductor  memories are 

   (a) magnetic disks  

   (b) charge-coupled devices

   (c) magnetic bubble memory

   (d) both (b) and (c)

   (e) None of these


8.  Why  do  magnetic  tape  drives  for minicomputers use vacuum columns? 

   (a) For  quick  acceleration  and  de-acceleration of the tape

   (b) For immediate starting and stopping of the tape

   (c) To avoid stress in the tape

   (d) To provide extra tape length

   (e) None of these


9.  The term gigabyte refers to 

   (a) 1024 bytes    

   (b) 1024 kilobytes  

   (c) 1024 megabytes  

   (d) 1024 gigabytes  

   (e) None of these


10.  Programs designed to perform specific tasks is known as 

   (a) system software  

   (b) application software

   (c) utility programs

   (d) operating system

   (e) None of these


11.  An  approach  that  permits  the  computer  to work on several programs instead of one is 

   (a) on-line thesaurus  

   (b) multiprogramming  

   (c) overlapped processing  

   (d) outline processor

   (e) None of these


12. Who  is  considered  the  ‘father’  of  the  minicomputer  and  one  of  the  founder  fathers  of the modem computer industry world-wide? 

   (a) George Tate  

   (b) Kenneth H. Olsen  

   (c) Seymour Cray  

   (d) Basic Pascal  

   (e) None of these


13.  Network  topology,  consisting  of  nodes  attached in a ring, without a host computer, is  known as 

   (a) star      

   (b) ring  

   (c) bus      

   (d) tree  

   (e) None of these


14.  Main memory contains 

   (a) data      

   (b) instructions  

   (c) both (a) and (b)  

   (d) either (a) and (b)  

   (e) None of these


15. As  compared  to  a  magnetic  tape,  the  main advantage of magnetic disk is its 

   (a) rigidity    

   (b) direct access  

   (c) low cost    

   (d) high packing density  

   (e) None of these


16.  The word ‘serial’ describes 

   (a) an inexpensive card reader that reads one   column at a time

   (b) a  character-by-character  transfer  of  data   between  an  input/output  or  auxiliary   storage unit and a channel

   (c) is  a  serial  communication  physical   interface  through  which  information   transfers in or out one bit at a time

   (d) both (a) and (b)

   (e) None of these


17.The  process  of  fetching  and  executing instructions,  one  at  a  time,  in  the  order  of  increasing addresses is known as 

   (a) instruction execution

   (b) straight line sequencing

   (c) instruction fetch

   (d) random sequencing

   (e) None of these


18.  Which of the following statements is wrong? 

   (a) An  EPROM  can  be  programmed,  erased  and  reprogrammed  by  the  user  with  an   EPROM programming instrument

   (b) Magnetic tape is non volatile

   (c) Magnetic  core  and  semiconductor memories  

   (d) RAM is a type of volatile memory

   (e) None of these


19.  Which  is  an  item  of  storage  medium  in  the form of a circular plate? 

   (a) Disk      

   (b) CPU  

   (c) Printer    

   (d) ALU  

   (e) None of these


20.  What  is  the  name  of  the  visible  silver  rectangle which separates the take-up portion  of  the  magnetic  tape  from  the  data  recording  portion? 

   (a) Load maker    

   (b) Load marker  

   (c) Tape separator    

   (d) Tape marker  

   (e) None of these


21.  The progressing of two or more programs in parallel is 

   (a) concatenation  

   (b) data module  

   (c) concurrency  

   (d) colossus  

   (e) None of these


22.  Which  of  the  following  terms  is  the  most closely related to main memory? 

   (a) Non-volatile    

   (b) Permanent  

   (c) Control unit    

   (d) Temporary  

   (e) None of these


23.  CAD stands for 

   (a) Computer Aided Design

   (b) Computer Algorithm for Design

   (c) Computer Application in Design

   (d) All of these

   (e) None of these


24.  A standard tape recorder used to save or load  computer information is known as 

   (a) magnetic tape    

   (b) cassette drive  

   (c) punched paper tape  

   (d) card punch  

   (e) None of these


25. A  computer  with  CPU  speed  around  100  million  instructions  per  second  and  with  the  word length of around 64 bits is known as 

   (a) super computer  

   (b) mini computer  

   (c) mainframe computer  

   (d) micro computer  

   (e) None of these

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