Monday, 21 July 2014

SBI Clerk Asked Questions 20-07-2014 both shifts

Some GA Questions Asked in 20 july 2014 SBI Clerk Exam Both Shifts shared by attendees

1. Currency of Afghanistan

2. Cp issued for how many days

3. Indian to receive Oscar

4. Malaysia currency

5. India ban China milk products.reason?

6. Who did hat trik goal in foot ball world cup

7. Myanmar capital

8. in loksabha win two seats(like our pm)have to leave one seat in hw many days.

9. fifa muscut

10. overseas minister

11. ibsa full form

12. how nda gov increases infrastructure..1)by making flyover2)by linking rivers3)by making ports4)by railway projects

13. world autism day?

14. cuckoo calling book witeen by jk rowling along with whom?

15.World aids day celebrated on 1 Dec

16. Chemical and fertilizer cabinet minister Ananth Kumar

17. Beiji oil refinary in Iraq

18. PC stands for Personal Computer

19. Flipkart acquire which online shop Myntra

20. Currency of Italy Euro

21. SIT Committee MB Shah

22. Capital of Brazil -Brasilia

23. Casual vacancy written by J K Rowling

24. Iraq currency Dinnar

25. Change in SLR

26. What are SLR, CRR

27. Ei Nino Affects.

28. What is window vista.

29. who regulate Monetary policy.

30. National award for Women football

31. National Revolution-Tara manse Square

32. One question related to Tamilnadu town?

33. .Who got two times Jnanapath award (Oscar award)

34. Which is NBFC- sbi capital, ICICI venture, HDFC , M&M finance?

35. Which state own Women football winner ?

36.. Who own 3 medals in World Shooting?

37. Who is Richest Player in FIFA?

38. Budget in which article? 112

39 How many languages in Indian currency - 17

40 Full form of ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange

41. Kanyakumari formerly known as - cape comorin

42. York University, Canada gave award to - Ratan Tata

43. Question on Banking Ombudsmen’s function

44. Nivia's first plant in India - Sanand, Gujarat

45. Casual vacancy written by J K Rowling

46. PC stands for Personal Computer

47. Devices that attached to computer outside .... Perpherial devices

48. Who win 3 medals in ISSF world cup in munich ... Jitu rai

49. NPCI launched which card---------RUPAY CARD

50 wealthiest footballer in fifa---------- Cristiano Ronaldo

51. opec has how much % of total oil----------81%

52. country having least global peace index--------Syria

53. who insures customer's deposit in bank-----DICGC vista is what?--------OS

55. monetary policy regulated by whom-----RBI

56. tata group joined which airlines

57. commercial papers issued in what multiples

58. recently navaratna ststus given to

59. azlan shah who died recently is a

60. indian currency notes bear a signature of

61. world economic forum held in

62. head quarter of infosys

63. maximum earning of state from

64. Best ranked IIT among BRICS top universities 2014

65. salar jung museum located in which state

66. What is the amount invested by Google in Skyware Program

67. Dadasaheb Phalke Award (Female Singer)

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