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Marketing Aptitude for SBI PO Set -1

Here Providing Marketing Aptitude Questions & Answers for Practice Purpose.All The Best

1. Management is the compulsory process of  —
(1) Decision Making
(2) Lapse
(3) Final  Decision
(4) Interim Decision
(5) All of  above
Ans :  1

2.Which of the following is the most important  responsibility of a Manager ?
(1) Allowing Fraud
(2) Making Product
(3)  Taking Decisions
(4) Withdrawing Salary
(5)  Earning Bonus
Ans :  3

3. The marketing concept is a way of thinking  or a management philosophy that affects:
(1) only marketing activities
(2) most efforts of the organization
(3) mainly the efforts of sales personnel
(4) mainly customer relations
(5) None of these
Ans :  2

4. If VonAir, a hairdryer manufacturer, is  focusing on customer satisfaction, it will find  that what consumers really want is:
(1) More watts
(2) More speed
(3) Higher  heat settings
(4) Attractive hair
(5) None of  these
Ans :  4

5. Most specifically, marketing strategy:
(1) is concerned with key decisions required to  reach an objective
(2) encompasses selecting and analysing a target  market and creating and maintaining an  appropriate marketing mix
(3) expands geographic boundaries of markets to  serve larger geographic areas
(4) involves determining the direction and  objectives of marketing management
(5) None of these
Ans : 2

6. All of the following are marketing management tasks EXCEPT:
(1) marketing planning.
(2) organising marketing activities.
(3) co-ordinating marketing activities.
(4) project development and analysis.
(5) None of these
Ans :  4

7. The marketing environment is Best described  as being:
(1) composed of controllable variables.
(2) composed of variables independent of one  another.
(3) an indirect influence on marketing activity.
(4) dynamic and changing.
(5) None of these
Ans : 4

8. Which is not an example of Large Scale  Trading ?
(1) Speciality Shop
(2) Departmental store
(3) Super Bazar
(4) Mail order and Business  Houses
(5) Shopping Malls
Ans : 1

9. Chrysler's Chief Executive Officer is the  company's spokesperson. His message has
focused on  concern for customers and product quality.  Which aspect of implementing the marketing  concept does this represent?
(1) Focusing on general conditions
(2) Stressing the short run
(3) Endorsement of the marketing concept by top  management
(4) Development of an information system
(5) None of these
Ans :  3

10. Which of the following is an example of a  problem that may arise in the implementation of  the marketing concept?
(1) By satisfying one segment in society, a firm  contributes to the dissatisfaction of other  segments.
(2) Consumers do not understand what the
marketing concept is.
(3) Dealers do not support the marketing  concept.
(4) A product may fit the needs of too many  segments.
(5) None of these
Ans :  1

11. The expansion of the definition of marketing  to include nonbusiness activities adds which one  of these examples to the field of marketing?
(1) Proctor and Gamble selling toothpaste.
(2) St. Pauls Church attracting new members.
(3) PepsiCo selling soft drinks.
(4) Liver's donating Rs. 5 to a charity with every pack purchased    
(5) None of these
Ans : 2

12.  Marketing is best defined as:
(1) matching a product with its market.
(2) promoting and selling products.
(3) facilitating satisfying exchange relationships.
(4) distributing products at the right price to  stores
(5) None of these
Ans : 1

13. Co- operative societies Act was passed in
(1) 1904
(2) 1912
(3) 1932
(4) 1948
(5) 2001
Ans : 2

14. Which one of the following statements by a  company chairman best reflects the marketing
(1) We have organised our business "to make
certain that we satisfy customer's needs.
(2) We believe that the marketing department  must organise to sell what we produce.
(3) We try to produce only high quality,  technically efficient products.
(4) We try to encourage company growth.
(5) None of these
Ans : 1

15. These type of goods are always purchased  by wholesalers —
(1) Inferior
(2) Superior
(3) Huge Quantity
(4) Less Quantity
(5) Durable
Ans : 3

16. A physical, concrete product you can touch  is:
(1) a service
(2) a goods
(3) an idea 
(4) a concept
(5) a philosophy
Ans : 2

17.The XKL company wants to adopt the  marketing concept. To be consistent with this  move, it should adopt which of the following
(1) The customer is always right
(2) Making  money is our business
(3) Sell, sell, sell
(4) Keep prices low
(5) None of  these
Ans :  1

18. Bold new, the maker of a highly innovative  light bulb, finds that it has excess stocks. The  firm increases its advertising budget by 50 per
cent and doubles its sales staff. This company is  operating as if it were operating
(1) production
(2) sales
(3) marketing
(4)  social
(5) None of these
Ans :  2

19. Wholesalers make proper balance in
between —
(1) Costs and profit
(2) Profit and loss
(3) Demand and supply
(4) Buyer and seller
(5) Government and producer
Ans : 3

20. Among the following which business  organisation have the widest scope ?
(1) Departmental store
(2) Super Bazar
(3) Chain shops
(4) Mail order business Houses
(5) Ration shops
Ans : 4

SBI PO Marketing Aptitude practice

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