Tuesday, 13 May 2014

IBPS Exam Guru Article Writing Contest

Hello Everybody ! we are Conducting Article writing Contest  winners will get IBPS Master six months online practice

What is IBPS Master ?

IBPSmaster.com is A Site for Online Practice for All Bank Exam preparation (SBI & IBPS )

For More Details : Visit http://ibpsmaster.com/ Visit Demo page for Details

Prize worth : 665/- rupees and Valid for Six months unlimited Practice for Users.

How Many will Get :  30 Members

Article Subjects :
career , Preparation (How to prepare & Tips) , Subject Preparation tips  , Guidance etc..
Content Must : 600 Words
Not Copied any where (own view only ).

Language : English

Last date : 15-05-2014 6.00 Pm
Send your Article to gaja@jenisys.in (well written and With out grammatical mistakes )
All the best

IBPS exam guru Contest

Any Questions & Suggestions give a Comments

thanks in Advance …

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