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SBI PO Descriptive Test Model Questions List

Dear readers . This Pos Will Show Model Questions List for SBI PO Descriptive Paper Test.
Write a Essay :
1. T.V.—An Addiction
2.  The Joys of Trekking
3.  Modern Man—A Slave to Machine
4.  Reading Books
5.  Unemployment Problem
6.  Dowry Deaths
7.  Autobiography of an Indian Peasant
8.  Health Gives Hope and Hope Gives Everything
9.  Possibilities of Migrating to New Planets
10. Towards A World Without Nuclear Weapons
11.Concept of happiness
12.  Science and agriculture
13.  Secrets of long life
14. T.V. : its uses and abuses
15.  Role of students in free India
16. The game I like and why ?
17. Consumers can keep prices lender control
18.  My Idea of A Happy Life
19.  Television in India : Potentials. Problems and Prospects
20.  Is Pollution the Price Man has to Pay?
21.  What Is Citizenship?
22. Students and Social Service in Villages
23. The habit of saving
24. Preservation of wild life in India
25. The place of English in our educational system
26. Morality and Politics don't go together
27. Thoughts on Democracy
28. "All that Glitters Is not Gold"
29. Discipline
30.India of my Dreams
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letter Writing :
1. Write a letter to the Police Authorities giving full particulars of a lost dog or bicycle
2.  You see an advertisement in the 'Everyday Times' and decide to apply for the job of
a Sales Executive. Write a letter to the Personnel Manager, New World Publications, Mumbai. applying for the job with a detailed bio data of yourself.
3. Write a letter to your father explaining him how the recent excursion you had gone with your friends benefited you
4. Write a letter to your friend describing your experience gained during the visit of a haunted house at night
5. Write a letter to your friend giving him an account of a good film you have recently enjoyed.
6. As you do not want to remain a member of the public library, write to the librarian to refund your deposit money
7. Write a letter to your younger brother advising him how he should prepare for the forthcoming school examination
8. Write a petition to the Post-Master General for the establishment of a Post-Office in your locality
9. Write a letter to the chairman. Railway Board complaining of the deterioration of the services and amenities, and the inefficiency which prevails
10. Write a letter to the Principal of your institution, asking for improvement in the working of your library giving instances of disorderliness there, non availability of books.
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