Monday, 10 February 2014

IBPS Clerk 2014 Interview Experience by Vishal Waghmare

IBPS Clerk Common Interview experience 2014 :

My Interview Experience IBPS CLERK @ BOM, Bandra, Mumbai.
Note : In My centre many students were given Marathi paper to read and told to explain it.
1) Tell me about your family background?
2) As you  have done your MBA, tell me about Indian Contract Act?
3) You might have learned about Negotiable Instruments? What are those?
4) What is a cheque and Demand Draft?
5) What is IMF? What is the relation between IMF and RBI?
6) Who is the Governor of RBI?
7) Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?
Tips : Panel members are very supportive( cant say about others ), They will ask you all basic questions. No matter how much right answers you give, they will ask you questions till you don't fumble or say " I don’t know". They are checking only how you behave in a given situation. All the Best to all Aspirants. Don’t think you have less Written Score, there is opportunity for every candidate. Jai Bharat

Thanks   Vishal


  1. Hello All,
    I attended IBPS Clerk interview on 10 feb 2014 in STC,United bank, Guwahati, Assam
    Though i was not asked anything regarding banks but i was drilled due to my engineering degree.
    1.What is your name, native place and schooling details(they didn't ask me to tell about myself or introduce myself just started asking Q's 1 by 1)
    2.why you have you done schooling in English medium why not local medium?
    3.Gave me an Assamese newspaper and asked to read, then to write few lines in Assamese.
    4.Why you want to join banking sector after engineering?
    5.Why you want to join as a clerk why not PO?
    6.Are you willing to get posted in rural areas?
    7.If you don't get selected what will you do?

    Though i fumbled in local language part since its more then 10 years i studied Assamese. Rest was all good and hoping for the best.
    Fingers crossed.

    My panel consist of 3 male and 1 female. All were GM's one each from united bank,UCO bank, IOB bank and BOI.

    Wish all candidates best of luck
    Thanks & Regards
    Rahul Hazarika

  2. hi everyone
    I attend IBPS CLERK III interview on today 15 feb at 8:30 am panel I, ahemdabad, gujrat
    after document verification I am waiting for interview my turn came on 11:00 am
    I said may be come in sir,
    in room there are five member 4 male and 1 female, first I say good morning mam then say I wish all sir they said sit down
    first they asking about gujrati language to speak and written
    I said I give my best in the language but right now I am not frequently in gujrati.
    after that they asking about your self
    I said about this
    they ask about bank, working
    I said this
    then asking about why you choose bank because you have M.C.A degree
    I said we want only govt. sector and bank is the platform where I use quality etc....
    then asking credit card, debit card, plastic money, insurance sector
    I said all
    last they said you can go
    I said thanks to everyone
    so this was my interview
    for everyone
    be confident and be truth ALL THE BEST...