Tuesday, 14 January 2014

IBPS PO III Interview Experience 3

IBPS PO III Interview Experience
Name- Asit Kumar Dash
Interview at UCO bank bbsr , 8 Jan ,
I knocked the door,seeked permission & entered the room with wishes & they asked to sit down.
M2 : With a rapid fire round-tell me ur btech %,10th & 12th passout yr,father’s occupation,designation and work place n about my engg coll.
Me : Was a bit nervous,still managed to give the ans.
M2: What’s ur score?
Me: Sir its 78.
M2: It coudnt be more??
Me: Sir being in job,I have tried to do my best.
M2: What do u do?
Me: Sir Iam a field engg in Vodafone,it’s a 365x24x7 job round the clock.
M2: what’s ur package?
Me: Its an offroll position so my salary is xyz..
M2: ok.
M3 : So,have u heard about rating agencies.
Me : Yes sir,I have heard about those.
M3 : Can u plz name them.
Me : I said, CRISIL & ICRA.
M3 : Only two.
Me : Presently I don’t remember any other.
M3: Ok….. What do they do?
Me : I culdn’t remember exactly n started to tell….They seemed to be unsatisfied & told to explain clearly. I was asked to answer only if I knew it, n I said I had read about it but cant remember.
M1:Fulform of CIBIL?
Me:Credit information……then blank….(Don’t remember).
M1:What is IFC?
Me: Sir is it IFSC?
M1:No its IFC..
Me:Sir I can try it if u wish..
M1: Its Indian financial corporation…
Me: Sorry sir…
M4: Well have u heard about SAHITYA ACADEMY PURASKAR?
Me: Yes Sir.
M4: Who is the winner?
Me:I told the ans,but it was previous years…
With this I was a bit tensed as my interview didn’t go well…So I decided to be confident till the last qn…
M4: Have u read any book currently?
Me: Yes Sir, its Chetan Bhagat’s books…
M4:No not that,Iam asking about sahitya books?
Me: My expression was like OMG… But still retaining my expression I said NO.
M1: A satellite was launched 2 days ago,can u plz tell about it.
Me: GSLV 5…
M1: what is that?
Me:Its a geostationary satellite….
M1:What is it?
Me: I explained it.
M1: what is polar satellite?
Me: uff….. I said I don’t remember…
M4: So what books did u read of Chetan Bhagats and What did u earn from it?
Me: I explained him briefly.. He seemed to be satisfied.
M2: What are ur hobbies?
Me: I said
M2:Why,which n when qns from hobby…
Me:I answered and he was satisfied.
M1:What else book u have read?
Me: I said N.K.Sinha of money banking finance..
M1:Is it a competitive book?
Me: Yes Sir..
M1: U said u worked for Vodafone, how many towers can give coverage n whats the range of an antenna?
Me: (Well the ball seemed to be in my court as I was asked on my job profile…) I explained them very politely n briefly,they seemed all to be satisfied….
M4: We complain about network fluctuation in mobile… Can u plz tell what happens ?
Me: And I explained them briefly… All were satisfied.
M1: U are working in field,how will you convence a person to be a banks customer?
Me: I tried and explained…. Seemed to be convenced a bit.
And they said u can go now.
I wished them thankyou sirs n a belated happy new year.
Panel: Thankyou.
This is all about my interview….now fingers crossed. Guys do review n comment.... am extremely tensed...

Thanks For sharing Asit Kumar Dash

Best Of Luck

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