Tuesday, 14 January 2014

IBPS PO 2014 Interview Experience –2

ranchi , Arya Hotel done with Interview:-
me :- open the door and ask if i come in
m1 :- yes
me :- thanks you  sir
m1 :- come ur name is vikash
me :- yes
m1 :- sit
me :- thanks u sir
m1:- ask to introduce myself
me:- replied and when told i like to solve numeric puzzle like suduke
m1 :- say vry good
m1:- when u done ur 10th and percentage
me :- replied properly
M1 :- when u done +2 and percentage
me :- replied properly
m1:- what u have done after graduation
me :- told was working in a intenational call center
m1 :- what is the name of the co. and in what it deals?
me :- told that it was dealing in United America wireless co.
m1 :- ask where the co. is
me :- Califonia
m1:- where was ur office
me:- noida
m1 :- sector
me:- told
m1 :- how much salary they gave u
me :- told
m1 :- u left that co.
me :- yes
m1 :- why?
me :- replied
m1:- u told u done bcom from Delhi university can we ask u from accounts
me :- yes
m2 :- tell me what is balance sheet
me :- replied properly
m2 :- tell me abt foot note of balance sheet
me :- replied properly
m2 :- he was impressed
m2:- who sign in balance sheet?
me :- told registrar of co.
m2 :-told no board of director
m2 :- what r the thing required to open company bank acct
me :- dont know he replied the correct ans.
m2 :- tell me abt current ratio?
me :- properly replied and told its ideal ratio
m2 :- say gud
m3:- what is taxation?
me :- replied properly
m3 :- why tax is collected
me :- at that moment i didnt remeber so i directly told i dont knw
m3 :- what is acid ratio?
me :- replied properly with ideal ratio
m2:- he again ask what does current and acid ratio show?
me:- told properly he told vry gud
m4 :- he was just smiling and watching me i time to time smiled back looking directly to his eye
m1 :- told vikas we r done u can leave
me :- told thank u it was really nice speaking to u all
me :- came out properly
i never fumble in between i was smiling and while giving answer was looking back to each of them time to time was never nervous during the interview
i started in english and ended in english

Thanks for Sharing Vikash Gupta

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