Monday, 30 December 2013

Current Affairs Update December 28, 2013


Rashtriya Smriti

  • Government has planned to construct Rashtriya Smriti as a permanent place for performing last rites for key personalities approved by government such as President, Vice President, Prime Minister etc...on the banks of river Yamuna.

  • The proposed construction will be built such that large public audience can witness the happenings in it.

  • By the year 2000, government has decided not to construct separate Samadhis for departed national leaders.

Sulfur dioxide emission on the rise

  • According to the recent report from NASA (utilising satellite data), Sulfur dioxide emission in India has increased by 60 percent from 2005- 12.

  • Sulfur dioxide is an important air pollutant and  a main ingredient for producing acid rain.

  • The main sources of sulfur dioxide are burning of fossil fuels, vehicular exhaust, volcanic eruptions etc...


  • A car bomb exploded in Beirut  extending the Syrian crisis to Lebanon soil.A influential member opposing the Syrian regime was killed in the attack.

  • Iran has called for a direct talk with U.S officials in addition to the ongoing  discussions with P5+1 group.

China's lends satellite service to attract its neighbors

  • China announced its willingness to operate its home built Satellite Navigation System for free of charge to its neighbors.

  • Sri Lanka was the first country to sign such an agreement with China.

  • Bangladesh, Thailand,Sri lanka have also expressed their willingness to utilize the service of Beidou satellite network.

  • BeiDou satellite navigation system will serve as an alternative to American GPS system.

  • China plans to create a navigation system for  the entire earth with a set of 35 satellites by 2020.

  • BeiDou literally means Norther Dipper, a name given to the constellation consisting of seven stars, Ursa Major.


SEBI plans for new pension fund source

  • SEBI has proposals for allowing mutual fund companies to offer pension plans to help elderly tap the high -risk-high- return equity market.

  • There is also demand from SEBI for government to extend the tax breaks available to retirement savings to the new mutual fund run pension scheme.

  • The new scheme will allow the  retirement savers to choose from a mix of  fixed income and equity investment options.

  • The NPS schemes has got many restrictions( Compulsory for government employees,can't invest more than 8% in equity market ,provides only three options for investments)compared to the new proposal from SEBI.


  • Mirabai and Harshdeep has set national records in the ongoing National weightlifting championship.

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