Sunday, 27 October 2013

IBPS PO General Awareness Asked Evening Shift (26-10-2013 )

1. IBSA full form -- India Brazil South Africa
2. Which bank has HQ in Bangalore -- Vijaya Bank
3. MSF rate 9.5 has decreased to how much on 07/10/2013 -- 9
4. Director of movie Lunchbox -- Ratish Batra
5. International Child Peace Prize -- Malala Yousafzai
6. 1st CYBER FORENSIC LAB will be in which state -- Tripura
7. DICGC insured how much money -- 1 lakh
8. New DG of WTO -- Roberto Azevedo
9. Life of Pie novel writer -- Yann Martel
10. Duration of 12th year plan -- 2012-17
11. Gujarat Mal Modi Award 2013 -- Vinod Prakash Sharma
12. Limit of educational loans under priority sector for abroad -- 20 Lakh
13. Which tennis player has retired in 14 august 2013 -- Marion Bartoli
14. According to 2004, Senior citizens can invest upto -- 15 Lakh
15. GDP Growth rate of India as per Central Statistics Office (CSO) for 2013?
16. Trade deficit was how much low as on September?
17. CRR condition related to 95%
18. According to 2011 census which state has highest Rural
Population -- Uttar Pradesh (15.51 crore- 18.16% of India's Rural Population)
19. Full form of CDS -- Credit Default Swap
20. Fairfax group head which brought blackberry -- Prem Valsa
21. Aadhaar Bill name -- UIDAI bill
22. Which option will be provided to voters by Election Commission in upcoming elections as per the directives of Supreme Court -- Option to Reject All(NOTA)
23. Which Indian actor is/has been selected for a US award for his television show by the America Abroad Media (AAM) -- Aamir Khan for Satyameva Jayathe
24. DAX is the Stock Market index of which country -- Germany
25. NEFT maximum limit -- No Limit
26. One Question on core banking solution?
27. Question related to Deep discount bond feature
28. One question on Prithvi-2
29. One question on NBFC
30. One question on Truncated cheques
31. Related to Currency Swap Arrangement b/w India and Japan
32. Record made by Indian Women players by winning bronze medal for the first time in which sport event recently -- Hockey
33. Which of the following is not an Android OS?
34. Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana is provided with how much money for the year 2013-14 – 9954 crores

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