Saturday, 19 October 2013

Evening Shift General Awareness IBPS PO 19 October 2013 Online exam

GK-19/10/2013(EVE SHIFT)
1. Geeta Phogat related to which game
2. Full form of IFSC
3. BTM stands for ___
4.PM of Bhutan
5. President of Pakistan
6. Bangoli director died--rituparno ghosh
7. Question on Janpith award
8. Banking Ombudsman issued by
9.current SLR
10.2020 Olympic will be in which country
12. RBI is going to issue plastic note of ________ rupees (10,100,5,20)
13. Indian Institute of Film is situated at?
14. which program has changed to "swarnajyanti rojgar yojna"
15. Prenav Mukharjee recommended reconstruction of which university
16. Question on Medium industry..i don't remember exactly
17.chemical name used in Syria attack

Remaining Questions will be Updated here Soon 

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