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SBI PO exam 28 April 2013 Question paper Solved General Awareness

Today i.e 28 April 2013 (28-04-2013) SBI (State bank Of India) Conducted Written Exam All over India In several Venues for Post of Probationary Officer (SBI PO exam ) vacancies of 1544. we are providing some questions for asked General Awareness test. one of the best section for scoring high in the test. 

SBI PO exam Discussion 28 April 2013 general Awareness (SBI PO 28-04-2013 exam Discussion for Analyze expected Cut off )

Morning shift :

1. Full form of cts- Cheque truncation system
2. Best actress oscars 2013- jenifer lawrence
3. Pandit ravi shankar received which award after his death- Grammy Award
4. What are memory of computer - RAM, ROM
5. What do u mean by close a call?
6. In march review rbi changed which rate? Repo Rate
7. EVM means- euro pay visa master card
8. What is the feature which often prompt in ms office to offer help – Office assistant.
9. Tenure of 12th 5 yr plan - 2012-2017
10. Cricket Women's world cup Aus vs ?? - WEST-INDIES
11. Y V Reddy is chairman of ?? 14th Finance commission.
12. Vargheese Kurien is associated with ??revolution.
13. Fund allotted to Women's bank - 1000 CR
14. Speaker in a computer is ?? Output Device
15. Who is the Prime minister of China?
16. what is missionof JNNURM
17. What is the full of AA in GAAR
18. which rate is decreased by rbi in 2013 march?
19. who is MD of IMF ?
20. Best actress (85th Oscar award) won by ?
21. TATA is now associated with which airlines?
22. LLP consist of how many partners.?
23. Income tax exemption amount - 2-5 Lakh
24. KYC Forms used for (Option Given).
25. Two types of budget plans, one given planned budget and asking for other plan - Non-Plan expenditure budget
26. Father of white revolution?
27. What is market penetration?

Afternoon section :

1. Playing to win book written by
2. Joystick is used in
3. Central govt provided SBI
4. The amount a bank have to keep at RBI is
5. Small and medium savings concerned with
6. Work after sale is
7. Memory, control unit n ............... An integral part of cpu
8. Person awarded in Bangladesh Md. Yunus due to
9. The rate below that no bank can provide loan is called
10. Saving account rates decided by
11. Bombay stock exchange is now known as
12. IT company that recently spreaded in other countries
13. One of the condition of opening branch for licensing how much in rural areas?
14. The currency of European union is
15. Word related with cricket
16. A time period for which not interest is charged called
17. In term CPU, C means for
18. Which of the following is not related to memory?
19. USP Means
20. DSA work's quality depends on
21. Target market of debit card is
22. The character of a good sales person is
23. Mulya yojit seva means
24. Data backup helps in
25. Captain of Australia team played in march

( Questions will update soon here )

Descriptive paper (based on memory )

Essay :

(1) Women entrepreneurs in India

(2) Role of bank in life

letter writing :

(1) For his sibling for starting his competitive exam.

(2) For acceptance of job on which applied for assistant manager.

(3) On behalf of department for working in late hours and not appreciated by management members.

Write a paragraph for following topic :

(1) The importance of investment

(2) The importance of saving energy

(3) The role of small scale industries in economy

precise writing :

1. electronic payment system

2. comprehension on inflation

Share your attempts all over questions( All sections ) and have asked questions share here.  what is Question paper level and What is the expected cut off your guessing let me in this blog

Update : We will add all question as soon as . stay with us


  1. Replies
    1. are 9 ki jagah 6 to nmhe likh diya?????????197 honge yar

    2. @SHASHANK even i abilkul sahi bol rahe ho bhaim hoping so...


  3. Its very easy I attempted 48 out of 50

  4. it is impossible in po exam to attempt above 160 wid accuracy. So jo b bol rhe h k my attempt z 160 or 180 they will nvr be qualify.. Mtlb fir 20 qstn q chor diye wo b kr lete chutiye..... Sale eng dekhte to fat jati 2 paragraph the jo time taking the 20 qstn to srf usi c the. Fir resning b tough thi... Cutoff will be 110 or max 120....

    1. Agree..No one can do that much..Its impoosible..or those people have forgotten about negative marking in the paper..:P

    2. i also agree with u dear

    3. i am also agree with u my dear friend

    4. i do agree with Ziya Jafri and Shipracs23. Don't you think dis people are empty headed???The pattern was slightly changed compared with the expected one ...178,110,180 u all suck!this is not a cakewalk 4 u all...It was tough!Raat din mehnat kiya tha lekin phaaat gayii chuu****!

    5. I totally agree wid u.. I could hardly answer 20 in english n though ga was easy but it wasnt so much easy tat v can attempt above 40 wid accuracy.. Whoever has attempted above 130 i think its der 1st attempt or dey hav made max guesses


    7. ziya jafri mana tum musalamaan ho but tameej se toh bol sakte ho....
      agar tum logo ko kuch aata jata nahi hai..toh dusre se kyu jal rahe ho....

    8. sahe bat hai 180 koi bevkoof he kiya hoga .Hina please aap yahan hindu musalman na lao , yahan hum sab student hain aur bharatwasi....

    9. Sahi baat hai .....hum sab student hain isliye to ye language nahi use karna chahiye tha kyunki hum log Educated hain na ki un educated....hum sabhi ko apna opennion rakhna chahiye but sahi tarah se......OR Hina verma Apka kahna bhi galat hai ......Caste ko ismain include matkijiye kyun ki kisi or ko bhi apki baat ka burra lag sakta haiiiii.

    10. u r may b cutt off so.....

  5. Tume bhai kon si speed se exam diya itne attempt kiye

  6. Replies
    1. yes reasoning and english was tough.and time consuming

  7. Reasoning was extremly tuff... sectional Cut off for this will definately low as compare to other section it may be around 10 -13 question and follow previous year pattern as previous years was 10 question in 2010 and 13 Question in 2011.

    GS/Marketing was very easy it will not follow pattern of previous years it may go high as 25 to 30 question , while in 2011 it was just 11 question.

    English was of moderate level it may go up to 15-20 question this time as sectional cut off while in 2011 it was mere 13 questions.

    and if discuss about DI Sectional cut off may go up to 15 questions, while previous year it was 13 question in 2011..

    Total composite Cut off for Objective may be 86 to 96 for General
    Total composite Cut off for Objective may be 74 to 84 for OBC
    Total composite Cut off for Objective may be 70 to 80 for SC /ST
    cut off marks for descriptive paper is not include above it may be 18 for OBC and SC/ST and 20 questions for GEN
    (Here may be +10% increasing, as Number of Candidates is high this time as 17 Laks ).

    discussing on the basis of previous year cut off of SBI PO in 2010 and 2011, with tuffness of Paper and previous year paper, But as 17 laks candidates is here so anything can be unexpectly.

    1. Dont forget the candidates who failed to turn up....atleast 6lacs candidates didnt turn up for sure and 2 lacs will get rejected for wrongly filling OMR or spending more time in one section and hence fail to qualify....doing more than 110 questions will invite super talents from the candidate.SO overall I fell deep down under that cutoff will be almost same as previous years. with a slight chance of increased cutoff,110 out of 250 will suffice d cause.

  8. 20th march day? anybody known???

    1. Sparrow day dude! thats a recent one..

    2. International Day of Happiness...first celebrated in 2013.

  9. 180 kvi ho hi ni sakta fir unhe bina pade sare ovel fil kar k 20 min me paper submit kar dena chahiye tha or ohi se sidhe interview par chale jale

  10. di and da or general awarness y dono bs easy the but english or resoning bhut time taking cut of 120 se upar ni hoga

  11. 50 question of computer and g.k was left by me due 2 shortage of time.

  12. there is tough questions at all the only thing that all questions are talking time while solving... and the go questions were the easiest once.........

  13. i have done 28 in maths,23 in reasoning,38 in GA,and 21 in english..All wd 95%accuracy,merely 3-5 ,ay b wrong,wht r my chances,i did the exam as per keeping last year's cutoff in mind,i had to do above thn that in all sections,last yer it ws just 13,15,17,11 i had attempted above 20 in all,and have done very well in descriptive as well........
    hope for the best...

  14. @ aparna:- hi aparna din't matter you attempted 21 in english, coz sbi knows well about there paper strengths, so they evaluate canditates not paper, yes its true acheiving minimum qualifying marks is important, but they have further your writing skill also to judge your english. I think surely you have a chance.


    1. Haha teri english padhke 3 idiots ka wo lab wala scene yad aa gaya...AAKHIR KEHNA KYA CHAHTE HO...hahaha

  15. Guys... SBI PO reasoning was 10 times easier than IBPS PO. I did 40 question from reasoning and all 100% correct. But I failed to perform in other section as I spent 1hr alone for Reasoning. And in remaining 30 mins I did Data Interpretation, don't remember the no of questions. And finally got just 5 mins for english. So, I marked all blindly... (Ye pencil se black karne main bahut time lag gaya). Why they don't conduct online Exam

  16. SBI ka clerk wala exam kab hai.... Now hoping to score in that

  17. Well said Bhupinder. You perfectly hit the target.. Don't believe any one saying i answered 160 i will get 170 fellows. Those will never qualify with a few exception. For those please, chod do PO's try for CAT.
    As the number of candidates are increased Objective and descriptive combined cut-off may be around 115-120 as compared to 110 for general category last year..

  18. When can one expect next S.B.I P.O Notification/Exam ? Any one... any idea ?

  19. Hello I attempted 200 questions and i will get around 140 marks in objective and 25 marks in descriptive. I am from GEN Cat. What are my chances??

    1. U r d next SBI po...congrats

    2. Oh God...U cracked SBI PO man...u r the TOPPER.....!!!!!!!

    3. you have topped the list !CONGOS

    4. Great! Share us ur roll number or registration number. Will see. How gud u r. Hope u will share ur roll number as u said u answered all 200 questions.And very sure about 140 marks na.

  20. hey does ne one remember ,,is there was a question on direction in reasoning in the morning shift????

  21. please tell me which book is best for marketing ......?

  22. Paper was quite difficult. lets see what happen? All the best to all.

  23. aata to sab tha speed nahi tha

  24. sahi hai dosto exam to tha hi hard par jo jaisa likha hai vaisa hi number milega to kis baat ka bhahesh karna

  25. the portion of gk awareness was so easy....cut off may b 110...for gen

  26. the portion of gk awareness was so easy...may b cut off for gen 110

  27. sir, when will the notificatn for SBI CLERK be announced nd IBPS PO too?????
    do reply

  28. sir, when will the notificatn for SBI CLERK nd IBPS PO be announced???????
    do reply?????/

  29. koi batayen plz. i m from u.p and i have a s.c caste certificate of u.p. and now i m living in west bengal for educational purpose. koi batayen ki kya main apna u.p wala caste certifcate west bengal ke sbi ya ibps ke vacancy me use kar sakta hoon ya nahi.

  30. I attempted 50 GK,48 Correct
    50 Enslish - 35 expected Score
    Reasoning - 25
    Maths - 24

    Do u think i stand a chance


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