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IBPS Clerk Common Interview Tips

Today we are going to convey some tips for Upcoming Clerk Personnel Interview. Now check below in short way .

IBPS Clerk Interview Dates here

IBPS CLERK INTERVIEW TIPS 2013 In present jobs market Banking plays a vital role .Banks are fulfill some thousands of posts in different sections according to the increase of the need and spreading of the service. To get success in interview ,have to follow some tips . make interview with full confidence. In interview bond normally four members including with psychologist appear .Psychologist is always in observation of your action .Your interest on Banking reasons to come in .whether fit or not …on these issues input are given .on that time they see your character

What type of Questions?

Interview time is 15-20 minutes .In all the Bank interviews, observe emotional quotient in the interview .

Sufficient skills for the jobs?

Personal background?

Current Affairs ?

your knowing on Banking ?asked .

there are possibilities to ask according to the resume given to them .In that case ,tell about yourself ,reason to select career in Banking ?personal and academic situations ?questions on Banking operation words ? Questions on plus and minus point? How you are planning for your career for coming 10 years ? National and international events, taken place recently? will be asked .There is possibility of asking on job profile , and the person who are changing one bank to another .

With Examples:

All the answers should be said completely know about . Interview should answer knowing answers in an organized way .Maintain Balance, not like criticized way. If you give suitable examples one or two you are in head .To know the patience of interview annoying questions asked intentionally. When you face like that situations, should not lose your patient and react in right way. Mostly candidates make more mistakes in current affairs. So, give more importance to that part . Should know all the events take place in state, country and in the world till interview date . At the same way knowing about candidates own place and surroundings and main events taking place .words used in banking ,CRR , up and down in rupee ,SLR, up and down in interest accounts, Banking operation etc. Indian Economic –system, roll of Banking in Indian Economic system, service of banks must be known. Or the day of interview may face more questions on the day of news paper, so put some interest on it .

More important Skills:

More important is given to skills and personal behavior of the candidates . Observed very keenly follow my point , communicate skills , dealing with other , reaction to difficult situations , aptitude ,zeal to know more new things always ,intelligent way of dealing according to the situation , working with group ,clarity of thinking and able to manage big posts or not ,victory is based on these things . Even habits play vital role , therefore act carefully because it decides one’s own character .

Physical Appearance:

It is also play an important roll, ‘’first impress is the best impress ‘’…. Kept in mind ,on the day of interview one present himself very gently and taken care with regarding dress code from the shoe to dress .Wear only formal dress without joint to fashionable dress regarding male candidate wear formal shoe and in-shirt ,in the case of female candidates ,wear saree or salvar kameej . tie is necessary .

Grammar point :

Total interview is an only in English. While you give answers should not be change from English to another tongue or known language .Communicative skills are mostly observed .Most important to clarity face to face ,with full confidence or not ,so without giving much to grammar mistakes , answer clearly and face to face .At the end of the interview to know the talent in local language , some questions may be asked , if it is so happen ,answer in local language only with the permission of the Board members.

In Interviews Room:

Before entering in , ask permission by knocking the door .As soon as enter greet the members , wait till they ask you to sit , later be placed yourself in prescribed place .As you sit , do not appear very tightly but impressed way .while answering look at the eyes of opponent .Look only to a particular person who questioned .As you take leave of them once again cagey gratitude’s and thanks .


· Looking at watch

· Placing hands on head

· Wearing shoes which gives noise

· Placing hands on the table

· Moving the body

· Laughing loudly

· Reveling at another job searching.

All the Best for Everyone

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  1. hi...
    when is the result of sbi specialist officer(post:asst manager systems) held on dec 2012

  2. thanks....for nice tips for there any language test at the time of interview...????

    plz soon as possible....

    1. I guess there won't be any specific language tests, however it is petty easy to understand your language skills by interviewing you face-to-face.

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  4. sir, ibps clerk2 exam are passed but i didn't receive my score card and interview callletter pls inform any solution

  5. Sir ,can u please tell me what type of banking questions they will ask for IBPS clerk common interview?

  6. sir... plz send me interview tips and interview question for ibps clerk common interview on my mail

  7. i got 122 marks i'm from Andhra Pradhesh ,obc any chances

  8. follow this link

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  10. hello sir, i have an OBC certificate and its validity is till july. but in the ibps website, they give another format for OBC certificate which is not like my OBC form.If there is any problem because of this? And my another doubt is, whether the character certificate is need for this interview or not?
    my interview is on 19th march. Please reply me sir as soon as possible.

  11. Sir, ibps clerks 2 interview is for how many marks plz inform me soon

  12. For how many marks ibps clerk 2 interview is plz inform me soon

  13. I have apllied for OBC certificate as per IBPS format, but it will take time, I have interview on 25/03/2013, Can i produce obc certificate in hindi language later i can produce in Ibpd format, Need to bring original also while interviewing. Pls guide

  14. Hello sir, my name is Harish Kumar.i have attended for ibps clerks dec,2013 exam.i got qualified and I got 121(obc) from andhrapradesh.i missed my interview because of I thought that my interview date is 23rd march,2013 but actually my interview date is 21st march, please help me sir what should I do?this is my life...please help please give me reply sir... Thanking you sir.

  15. Sir plss pls help me...I got 120 from tamilnadu...the interview was fine... all were general questions...but one question ruined me...they asked what are all the secondary functions of a bank...i didn answer the question well.. i said debit cards, credit cards,, loan to rural areas..i know the answer is blunder...i want to know whether i will be failed because of such a answer to a basic question..plss somebody help me know my interview marks

  16. pls tell me what will be the eligible criteria for SBI PO and IBPS PO upcoming exams in 2013. i got 54% aggregate of all semesters in BE and 63% in BE final year. So am i eligible for this exams?

  17. pls tell me what will be the eligible criteria for SBI PO and IBPS PO upcoming exams in 2013. i got 54% aggregate of all semesters in BE and 63% in BE final year. So am i eligible for this exams?